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text The Political Whores of Washington [and Elsewhere] Susan Trotter via jaxie, Saturday, Feb 10 2018, 7:39pm
It is established fact/REALITY today that people in the western world never get representation. LIARS, deceivers and cheats are elected to office only to openly renege on all their promises and serve minority elite interests. How many more times must we fall for the deceptions of professional rogues, liars and cheats before we wake to the fact that we are all being screwed? Clearly a vote for ANY major party anywhere in the West is a wasted vote; regardless of political stripe the elected always serve minority interests -- and we call this democracy, forced to choose between a vomit and a turd.
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facebookprivacylaws.jpg image Brazil's Largest Paper Ditches Facebook as it "Effectively" Suppresses Professional Journalism Jake Johnson via lex, Friday, Feb 9 2018, 8:12pm
Accusing Facebook of discriminating against "quality" content and accelerating the spread of "fake news" with its newly-unveiled algorithm, Brazil's largest newspaper Folha de S. Paulo—which boasts a print and online subscriber base of 285,000 people—has announced that it will no longer publish its articles on the social media platform. (story and 1 image)
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googcuffs.jpg image Surveillance Capitalism -- How CIA Supported Google is Tracking Your Every Move jess, Friday, Feb 9 2018, 7:05pm
Google and Facebook's algorithms are insidious and have been proven to be detrimental to youth development and society at large -- in fact, these two CIA supported and shaped mega-IT companies are, as they stand, horrendous threats to the social fabric of any society. They are now engaged in outright censorship of the free flow of information on the internet. This site receives less than 5 unique search hits from Google per month, more often less than 2 -- ridiculous as we are fully aware of SEO methods -- though our sys-admins have successfully compensated for this overt censorship/backgrounding via advanced IT methods and a huge subscriber base and mailing list. Nevertheless, our record from logs over 15 years since the inception of our parent site, easily illustrate Google's unsavoury tactics with sites that do not comply or agree with the government/CFR fake news propaganda discourse. (story and 2 images)
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audio America After Losing the Proxy War in Syria Directly Engages Syrian Forces in Battle Jon Queally via shirl, Thursday, Feb 8 2018, 11:33pm
America's presence/occupation in Syria today is grossly illegal. However, when have legalities ever stopped the world's leading civilian killing terrorist nation from pursuing its criminal goals? (story and 1 audio file)
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bush2phone.jpg image ‘Dubya’ Bush Crawls out of his Hole to Support Russiagate baz, Thursday, Feb 8 2018, 10:19pm
Man, certain people (neocons) in Washington are becoming extremely desperate it would seem. Rolling out former ‘IDIOT president’ (now a tradition) George W Bush to support the baseless, evidence devoid, media hysteria over whether or not Russia directly interfered with the 2016 election outcome, speaks volumes on political DESPERATION. (story and 1 image)
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text Anti-Russia Think Tanks -- Who Funds the US Propaganda Machine? Bryan MacDonald via gus, Thursday, Feb 8 2018, 8:22pm
It should be noted that the Atlantic Council, listed in the following article, has been exposed as a major player behind the 'Propornot' web site which resulted in massive censorship of alternative news web sites, particularly by CIA supported Google and Facebook.

There is always a background story behind presented stories in the mass media. In this case revealing a sinister plot to background, if not entirely eliminate, dissenting voices on the Internet, which was the last democratic medium for the FREE flow of information before net neutrality was quashed.

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President 'Duce' Trump image As Endless Wars Rage, 'Aspiring Dictator' Trump Orders Massive Military Parade Jake Johnson via jaxie, Wednesday, Feb 7 2018, 10:36pm
"He wants thousands of soldiers to publicly salute him, as he recklessly sends them off to escalate wars from Afghanistan to Syria and start new conflicts with North Korea and Iran." Indeed, the most outstanding symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is the pathological need for Adulation, and so goesTrump, the dangerous, sicko president. (story and 2 images)
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text Who in their Right Mind Voted for Nuclear War? jack, Wednesday, Feb 7 2018, 9:29pm
America’s new nuclear weapons policy has rightly alarmed the WORLD. Instead of decreasing the chances of a nuclear holocaust America and its neocon lunatics in Washington have increased it to critical mass level -- the doomsday clock, recently moved to 2 minutes to midnight, now reflects that INSANITY for ALL to SEE.
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radiation.jpg image Pentagon to Allow Nuclear Responses to Non-Nuclear Attacks Marjorie Cohn via dee, Tuesday, Feb 6 2018, 10:50pm
Amid the media frenzy surrounding the Nunes-Trump memo, the Pentagon officially released its 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) last week. The NPR calls for the development of leaner, meaner nuclear weapons and lowers the threshold for the use of nukes. Donald Trump must be thrilled. During the presidential campaign, he questioned a senior foreign policy adviser about nuclear weapons three times during a briefing, asking, "If we have them why can't we use them?" (story and 2 images)
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text The Wisdom of Idiots: A Brief Sufi Morality Tale Cesar Chelala via cyd, Tuesday, Feb 6 2018, 9:29pm
Idries Shah was a teacher in the Sufi tradition whose seminal work was The Sufis. He presented Sufism as a universal form of wisdom that predated Islam. In his writings, he frequently used teaching stories and humor to transmit this philosophy. His stories contained multiple layers of meaning and were written with the idea that they could trigger insight and self-reflection in the reader.
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penis_art.jpg image Why Allow a Mindless Appendage to Rule One’s Life? lex, Tuesday, Feb 6 2018, 6:51pm
The title suggests a male perspective though this piece indirectly refers to Michel Foucault’s latest publication, his final book on sexuality, completed by the highly esteemed homosexual academic, now deceased, 34 years past! (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Former Google, Facebook employees step up battle against tech addiction Levi Sumagaysay via jill, Monday, Feb 5 2018, 6:51pm
Former Google and Facebook employees — and early investors — are launching a campaign to warn people about the dangers of the technology they helped create.
international / prose / post

text Nose Dive Politics in Australia darcy, Sunday, Feb 4 2018, 11:30pm
People have contacted this Australian site asking why we do not cover Australian politics to the extent we cover international politics; well the answer is simple, both major Australian political parties serve Washington, in fact after Gillard’s treasonous move to allow US military forces the use of all SOVEREIGN Australia’s ports, airfields and anything else, ‘big daddy’ cares to utilise, Australia has become in essence a vassal state of the USA, and primary nuclear target in the event of a US provoked war. Australia is currently occupied by a PERMANENT US military presence, for Christ’s sake -- unheard of in peace time!
international / prose / post

text OECD Economist Warns -- Global Financial System is the ‘Most Stretched Since 2008’ Ambrose Evans-Pritchard via claire, Sunday, Feb 4 2018, 9:46pm
The world financial system is as dangerously stretched today as it was at the peak of the last bubble but this time the authorities are caught in a ‘policy trap’ with few defences left, a veteran central banker has warned.
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text Washington's Ominous Credibility Implosion Finian Cunningham via jaxie, Sunday, Feb 4 2018, 9:16pm
All statecraft and politics is notoriously deceptive and duplicitous to a degree. It’s part of the Machiavellian game and even at times, arguably, can be paradoxically key to success for good outcomes.
international / prose / post

text Syria Madhouse -- US Illegal Policy to remain makes it Crazier Eric Margolis via jane, Sunday, Feb 4 2018, 8:54pm
Last summer, I was positioned just across the border from the Syrian town of Afrin around which Turkish and Kurdish and, possibly, American forces, are now poised for a head-on clash. It seems crazy to me that anyone would want to fight over this one-donkey farm town. We were there on a mission to rescue wild animals trapped in a zoo in war-torn Aleppo, Syria.
international / prose / post

text Beauty rayn, Saturday, Feb 3 2018, 10:46pm
international / poetry / post

Pyne (right) with useless dunderhead PM Malcolm Turnbull image Aussies Voted For These Sociopaths Jim Dowling via baz, Saturday, Feb 3 2018, 11:19am
I walked into the kitchen the other day only to hear our illustrious defence industries minister Christopher Pyne on the radio answering a question relating to the recent horrific suicide bombing in Kabul which left 100 dead and 250 wounded. (story and 2 images)
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PDF Document Full "Nunes Memo" Formally Released Rep. Devin Nunes via jack, Friday, Feb 2 2018, 11:37pm
Many analysts describe the hysteria surrounding this memo as a massive distraction -- there is nothing new about FBI, CIA and NSA criminality; see this recent post. We should never lose sight of the broader picture that these agencies serve deep state and criminal elite interests NOT the nation or people -- that is the REAL STORY behind the specifics of the memo, which memo, like a (media) cobra, has almost everyone fascinated at the expense of seeing the larger conspiracy. (story and 1 attached file)
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text Fake News -- the Life Blood of the Mass Media jay, Friday, Feb 2 2018, 2:36am
America does not have a mass media anymore, what was left of it died in the 70's and 80's; today it has a propaganda apparatus which includes, radio, television, Hollywood movies etc. All of which outlets serve the State by spewing propaganda and fantasy 24/7, which messages the vast majority of Americans continue to believe and live by. Regardless of how many of these fabricated stories are exposed as false, Americans continue to consume this sewage daily, which is also saturated with sexual titillation, myths of America's "greatness" and other feel good fiction stories to make the duped herd feel good about their lot as slaves and nose-ringed, expendable, resource animals.
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