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text Where’s Your Mythical Dream Today, America? claire, Saturday, Apr 29 2017, 11:20pm
Heartland America has been gutted and its people left on the scrapheap, the country’s infrastructure is approaching that of a third world nation. Why? simply because maintaining the American dream produces less profits for the offshoring mega-corporations, big banks and financial institutions -- does anyone not know it?
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text A World at War -- where are the Peacemakers? William Hawes via jess, Friday, Apr 28 2017, 9:44pm
Where is the outrage regarding the Trump administration’s bellicose attitude towards North Korea? The past two weeks have been a blur of outright savagery towards other nations, with cruise missiles raining down on Syrians and one giant bomb on an ISIS “cave complex” in Afghanistan. Now, the Donald has promised to send his “armada” towards the Sea of Japan, after it was found heading in the opposite direction a couple weeks ago.
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text The Trump presidency should generate a thunderous WAKE UP call for all Americans michael payne via dulcie, Friday, Apr 28 2017, 8:25pm
As we witness the Trump presidency continue to rapidly accelerate down the wrong road, here's a message to send out all across America: Never, ever, make this same kind of monumental mistake again; allowing someone like the current totally incompetent, irrational occupant of the White House to assume this degree of power.
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text Pre-emption is a Certainty -- WWIII here We Come! jude, Friday, Apr 28 2017, 7:53pm
Let’s assess some facts and realities and steer clear of all the inaccurate verbiage and twaddle of mainstream and alternative media journos that are mostly in love with their own voices, while at the same time displaying a morbid fear of addressing some obvious hard facts.
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afp.jpg image Australian Federal Police admit to illegal metadata breach Rachel Baxendale via gail, Friday, Apr 28 2017, 12:29am
The Australian Federal Police have admitted to illegally accessing a journalist’s phone records. (story and 2 images)
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text Israeli Damascus Airstrike: Putin’s Missile Defence of Syria Exposed as Useless jess, Thursday, Apr 27 2017, 11:56pm
The mass media is again guiding the minds of the herded masses (by omission) regarding the Israeli airstrike on Damascus. Indeed, this is the second occasion, in a matter of weeks, that the much lauded, by compliant pro-Russian journos have been forced to eat their words -- all one need do is ask them what happened to these Russian made, extolled, air defences which should have prevented Israel’s recent strike -- though you won’t find a word about same in the mass OR alternative media?
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text What’s ‘New’ in the News? sadh, Thursday, Apr 27 2017, 1:02am
Well, nothing; it’s the same old lies and stories of war, injustice, demonising minorities sectarian conflicts all distributed courtesy of those that profit from same.
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Useless, Politically Inept Clown, Malcolm Turnbull image Turnbull and his Absurd, Flagrantly Racist, “Australian Values” shaz, Wednesday, Apr 26 2017, 5:11am
I recently read a piece in the local Guardian, titled, "The incredible shrinking Malcolm gets even smaller spouting 'Australian values' “ -- how true, Turnbull is USELESS, no secret, though most journos have missed the essential core element of Turnbull’s rants -- and that is unabashed Anglo racism. (story and 2 images)
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Senator Xenophon image Are we [Australians] Truly Ready for the Consequences of a War with China? Nick Xenophon vial gail, Tuesday, Apr 25 2017, 8:39pm
We are faced today with a question that has never before arisen in our history. From January 1788, when the First Fleet sailed into Botany Bay, to 2008, during the Global Financial Crisis, we've had first Britain and then the USA as both trading partner and strategic ally. (story and 1 image)
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text Is Mad Dog America Planning to Invade East Syria? Mike Whitney via jaxie, Monday, Apr 24 2017, 11:22pm
The Pentagon’s plan for seizing and occupying territory in east Syria is beginning to take shape. According to a Fox News exclusive:

“The Islamic State has essentially moved its so-called capital in Syria… ISIS is now centered in Deir ez-Zur, roughly 90 miles southeast of Raqqa, the officials said.” (“ISIS moves its capital in Syria”, FOX News )
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USS Carl Vinson -- where is it, Donald? image The US Presidency -- an International Joke justin, Monday, Apr 24 2017, 10:02pm
Many would attribute Trump’s latest ‘miscalculation’ on the whereabouts of his aircraft carrier, Carl Vinson, to be one of his imbecilic statements of bravado/ignorance, matched only by the insane ramblings of the leader of North Korea. However, since buffoon in company ‘dubya’ Bush and backflipper extraordinaire, Nobel Peace Laureate Obama, who later announced that [drone] 'killing was his strong suit;' it becomes painfully evident to the global population that the world’s most powerful military nation has, and has had, buffoons/simpletons and LIARS at its helm for decades, which FACT has eroded the last vestiges of confidence that sane nations have in the USA -- a power shift, economic and military, is occurring as I write. (story and 2 images)
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text Snow in the Tropics jake and joan, Monday, Apr 24 2017, 10:13am
international / poetry / post

burning_money.jpg image Kremlin Advisor Strikes at the Root of American Violence, the Greenback Sergey Konkov via jane, Monday, Apr 24 2017, 6:47am
The only way to stop American aggression is to get rid of the dollar as the world's default trading currency, a Kremlin advisor said on Friday. (story and 1 image)
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Former NSW Premier, Mike Baird, knows more about the Sydney siege than he would care to Reveal image We, The People, Are NOT the Enemy! claire, Sunday, Apr 23 2017, 10:07pm
Western populations have allowed various western states to implement PAN-surveillance, which means EVERYONE! The excuse for such was that it ‘keeps us safe,’ whereas studies/FACTS reveal that terrorist attacks are not impeded by pan-surveillance -- in other words pan-surveillance is NOT a preventative measure; however, it does offer itself to a multitude of uses particularly for the corporate community, which are able to source these databases to sell advertising more effectively. It also lends itself to the most intrusive form of personal privacy breaches, which values and liberties our forefathers fought world wars to preserve. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text How ‘deep’ is the Deep State? claire, Saturday, Apr 22 2017, 3:44am
The simple, accurate answer is, it’s operations are on the surface for everyone to see, however, that obvious fact has a hidden aspect, the players prefer to remain behind the scenes for obvious reasons.
international / prose / post

Malcolm Turnbull, spineless/useless in every way, Oz PM image US Attorney General: Arresting Julian Assange is a Priority David Smith via jan, Friday, Apr 21 2017, 10:20pm
The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now a “priority” for the US, attorney general Jeff Sessions stated publicly. (story and 1 image)
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text The USA, the Most Hypocritical Nation on Earth Robert Fisk via james, Wednesday, Apr 19 2017, 4:35am
It was the Mother of all Hypocrisy. Some dead Syrian babies matter, I guess. Other dead Syrian babies don’t matter. One mass murder in Syria two weeks ago killed children and babies and stirred our leaders to righteous indignation. But the slaughter in Syria this weekend killed even more children and babies – yet brought forth nothing but silence from those who claim to guard our moral values. How could this be?
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Herded cattle in a slaughter yard, waiting ... image Completely Captured Donald Trump jaxie, Tuesday, Apr 18 2017, 10:33pm
After numerous failed attempts by Bannon and Trump to assert their own policies, Trump finally relented to the overwhelming power of the deep state and its media arm. Today Trump has even abandoned his closest advisor, Steve Bannon, on orders from deep state players. Furthermore, he has delegated his authority as commander-in-chief to the Pentagon, an unprecedented action, which clearly threatens the entire world -- there is a reason civilians are always elected to lead democratic nations -- war dogs are what they are due to their training they cannot think in diplomatic terms, they know only the ‘gun.’ As retired general Wesley Clark once stated, ‘if you only have a hammer every problem becomes a nail.’ (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Treacle will, Tuesday, Apr 18 2017, 12:06pm
international / poetry / post

text You Want Sarin? Go See the EXPERTS Prof. Theodore A. Postol via blake, Monday, Apr 17 2017, 11:52pm
The linked article below, written by a specialist in these matters from MIT, needs no introduction -- video evidence also provided.

(Theodore A. Postol is professor emeritus of science, technology and national security policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a specialist in weapons issue.)
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