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text The Last Thing jean, Sunday, Nov 5 2017, 8:53pm
It may surprise many but the last thing people wish to hear today is the TRUTH, which, as most westerners know, sets us free. But that is exactly the problem. Truth is challenging but propaganda and lies placate and help induce populations into ‘safe’ fantasy worlds comforted by numbers, which clearly is the preferred option as is apparent. Facing harsh reality which truth demands, is anathema to the majority living in a dreamworld -- the American population is a good example, for instance; Americans are so averse to reality/truth they have elevated a buffoon and pathological liar (a desired necessity for fantasists) to the highest office in the land, in which position he remains even though he is compromising the nation and people on a daily basis, BUT LIES are comforting, as they enable responsibility to be deferred.
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text 'Paradise Papers' Reveal Tax Avoidance, Shady Dealings of World's Rich and Powerful Jon Queally via jane, Sunday, Nov 5 2017, 7:14pm
From multiple members of Trump's cabinet to the British Royal Family, document dump of offshore dealings shows how political leaders—joined by wealthy celebrities and the ultra-rich—shelter their assets, keep shady relationships secret, and game the tax systems of nations around the globe.
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text Grass Parrot jason, Sunday, Nov 5 2017, 9:39am
international / poetry / post

text Totalitarian Censorship Takes Next Step Andre Damon via jess, Saturday, Nov 4 2017, 10:43pm
Wednesday’s hearings by the House and Senate Intelligence committees on “extremist” political views served as the occasion for members of Congress to urge technology companies to flagrantly violate the US Constitution by censoring political speech, carrying out mass surveillance, and muzzling journalists in pursuit of the government’s geopolitical aims.
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text The ‘Washington Swamp,’ a Cesspool of Anti-Democratic, Totalitarian, Mass Murdering Monsters des, Friday, Nov 3 2017, 10:22pm
When Trump promised to drain the Washington swamp he struck a chord with the population and world, which was/is all too well aware of its nature, given the past two horrendous decades of illegal military interventions and oppressive, totalitarian social rule.
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Buffoon and puppet Trump flanked by Tillerson and Mattis (right) image Tillerson and Mattis Attempt to Sell Endless, Pre-emptive Wars of Aggression Stephen Lendman via justin, Friday, Nov 3 2017, 8:37am
In Monday's testimony before Senate Foreign Relations Committee members, puppets RexTillerson and Jim 'it's fun to shoot people, mad dog' Mattis, urged congressional authorization for unlimited permanent war-making anywhere in the world – a shocking indictment of a rogue state threatening humanity’s survival and risking eventual catastrophic nuclear war. (story and 1 image)
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gizah_pyramids.jpg image Mysterious 'space' in Great Pyramid revealed by cosmic ray Camera Belinda Smith via zed, Thursday, Nov 2 2017, 11:48pm
A cosmic camera that uses high-energy particles from outer space to see through stone has given us a tantalising glimpse of an undiscovered space in the Great Pyramid of Giza. (story and 1 image)
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Mattis (left) and Tillerson, puppets, as is Trump. image Rogue State Declares it would continue to Occupy Illegally Invaded Sovereign Nation without Consent Aaron Mehta via jess, Thursday, Nov 2 2017, 9:57pm
The fact that no-one has been prosecuted for the illegal invasion of Iraq lays the foundation to continue criminal military activities, which Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, supported by Jim Mattis, Sec. of Defense, had the gaul and stupidity to broadcast to the house and world. (story and 2 images)
international / prose / post

Russell Crowe image 'Fucking disgraceful': Russell Crowe unloads on Manus Island Crisis Fergus Hunter via shirl, Wednesday, Nov 1 2017, 10:49pm
First of all many thanks to Russell for jolting the nation's conscience. All humans have a tendency to run from unpleasant realities but some are unavoidable and MUST be dealt with in a civilised ENLIGHTENED manner, even it if takes a little rough characteristic Aussie speech to get the point home. Well done, Russell Crowe, and please do not stop there, you have the support of the majority and if you continue to use your international fame and notoriety to compromise the current, inhuman, despicable government, known for its lies, political deceptions and thorough incompetence, you and the majority of Australians which were born overseas and second generation ethnic Australians, which now comprise over 51% of the population, would win the day and restore Australia's humanitarian reputation and common decency for the WORLD to see. Put simply, Turnbull, Hanson and their xenophobic values DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY OF AUSTRALIANS. (story and 2 images)
international / prose / post

text Bahai Collective Decision-Making Michael Welton via shirl, Wednesday, Nov 1 2017, 6:42am
An interesting and thought provoking piece, who would have thought? Well worth the read.
international / prose / post

text Terrorists Buy Re-labelling In Washington Philip Giraldi via jess, Wednesday, Nov 1 2017, 1:36am
If you want to change a group of terrorists who have killed American overseas into something that appears to be much more benign, all you have to do is pay off the right people in Washington. With enough money, you can even open a nice plush lobbying office on Pennsylvania Avenue in the District of Columbia, not too far from the White House and Capitol Hill.
international / prose / post

butterfly_nebula.jpg image The Universe Should Not Exist According to Scientists zed, Wednesday, Nov 1 2017, 12:50am
A recent story involving scientists at CERN explains that they are perplexed by the lack of essential matter in the universe, which they cannot see/measure but nevertheless is intimated to exist according to other theories and postulates, ‘dark matter’ for instance. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text The Social Psychosis of the USA dulcie, Sunday, Oct 29 2017, 9:53pm
True, there is nothing new under the sun in the affairs of men. People outside the USA wonder how it could be possible that a severely flawed pathological individual could become leader of a once powerful nation -- America in reality is now weaker than Russia and China if superior weaponry and the ability of military personnel are the measures taken, research the matter for yourselves if you are able, doodles, but to return to the narrative. The answer for anyone outside America is obvious, only a nation lost in unreality and delusion would elect a political dunce and nutter, divorced from reality as its leader; in other words, as is the condition of a nation so is the condition of its leader, not the reverse -- a simple deduction to make.
international / prose / post

kennedy.jpg imageaudio JFK and 9/11 -- A Time of Reckoning scott, Saturday, Oct 28 2017, 10:55pm
The recently released, heavily redacted files withheld from the public for over half a century relating to the JFK assassination by the deep state, proves unquestionably that Donald Trump, the man (coward) that boasted he would “drain the Washington swamp,” is a TRAITOR, to both the nation and the American people. (story and 2 images and 1 audio file)
international / prose / post

text Lyrics - It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Bob Dylan via jaxie, Saturday, Oct 28 2017, 8:19am
international / poetry / post

bitcoin_representation.jpg image How the Blockchain (cryptocurrency) Can Free You From The Debt Slavery of the Banking Industry staff report The Daily Bell via steve, Saturday, Oct 28 2017, 7:33am
The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance and restraint … that’s a form of freedom. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

slaves.jpg image Wealth Disparity today now equal to Ancient Egypt Jake Johnson via claire, Friday, Oct 27 2017, 10:56pm
In an analysis (pdf) published Thursday that throws into stark relief the "unjust and unsustainable" nature of what economists have termed the New Gilded Age, the Swiss financial firm UBS found that the wealth of the world's billionaires grew by 17 percent in 2016, bringing their combined fortune to a record $6 trillion -- more than double the gross domestic product of the United Kingdom. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Infantile Australia, the Disgrace of the South Pacific pat, Friday, Oct 27 2017, 10:12pm
If one considers the geo-strategic location of Australia in relation to other regional nations in the Pacific and South East Asia it becomes apparent that inept, spineless and political/visionary devoid Oz governments of past and present, exclusively formed from incompetent apron-string major parties, have COMPLETELY failed the nation.
international / prose / post

text Madrid Risks Civil War Over Catalan Independence -- Germany Supports Madrid jason, Friday, Oct 27 2017, 8:36pm
To say that Madrid's decision to overrule the democratic vote of Catalonians for independence is provocative and extremely dangerous would be understatement. Modern Spanish history is peppered with wars of independence and revolution regardless of the strength of opposition. The romantic revolt is part of the cultural DNA of the Spanish people. However, Germany, which nation was instrumental in breaking up Yugoslavia and Kosovo independence has shown the world its flagrant double standards and hypocrisy by supporting the Spanish central government. The entire situation may erupt into open conflict sooner rather than later.
international / prose / post

nab_logo.jpg image NAB Australia’s Leading Dysfunctional Bank Does it AGAIN Ed., Friday, Oct 27 2017, 12:07am
It’s time to worry all NAB clients, as this very large screw-up made the mass media, however, we have published here another IT and staff procedural protocol systemic screw-up which caused a client major grief and has not yet been resolved, only the usual ‘stall letters’ have been issued from dysfunctional, less than competent (PROVEN) NAB. What day is it Mr Ken Henry, NAB Chairman? (story and 2 images)
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