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evil_google.jpg image Google’s chief search engineer legitimizes new censorship algorithm Andre Damon via jane, Tuesday, Aug 8 2017, 12:36am
Between April and June, Google completed a major revision of its search engine that sharply curtails public access to Internet web sites that operate independently of the corporate and state-controlled media. Since the implementation of the changes, many left wing, anti-war and progressive web sites have experienced a sharp fall in traffic generated by Google searches. The World Socialist Web Site has seen, within just one month, a 70 percent drop in traffic from Google. (story and 1 image)
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text Something Special rayn, Monday, Aug 7 2017, 12:27am
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text Neocons Leverage Trump-Hate for More Wars Robert Parry via claire, Sunday, Aug 6 2017, 10:45pm
A savvy Washington observer once told me that the political reality about the neoconservatives is that they alone couldn’t win you a single precinct in the United States. But both Republicans and Democrats still line up to gain neocon support or at least neocon acceptance.
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text For Those That Imagine Otherwise suzie, Sunday, Aug 6 2017, 12:40am
For the uninformed that either do not understand the treacherous power of the US Deep State or disregard it as fanciful, consider how it assassinated JFK and framed patsy Oswald; after which, the same nefarious group killed his brother Robert. Coincidence? Not likely, the Kennedy’s vigorously opposed the CIA and other Deep State forces and so they were murdered by the Deep State along with MLK and numerous others in a spate of assassinations and murders of political and even pop star activists, including Hendrix, as a London hospital employee exposed -- indeed Mr “business man” (oligarchs and plutocrats) don’t point your plastic finger at me! RIP, Jimi.
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mediapuppets.jpg image Fake News A US Media Speciality Paul Craig Roberts via dulcie, Saturday, Aug 5 2017, 10:15pm
The American media specializes in fake news. Indeed, since the Clinton regime the American media has produced nothing but fake news. Do you remember the illegal US bombing and destruction of Yugoslavia? Do you remember "war criminal" Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian president branded "the butcher of the Balkans," who was compared to Hitler until Hillary passed the title on to the President of Russia? Milosevic, not Bill Clinton, was arrested and placed on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal. He died in prison, some say murdered, before he was cleared of charges by the International Criminal Tribunal. (story and 1 image)
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Foreign CEO, Ian Narev image Commonwealth Bank of Australia facing $1 trillion penalty for breaches of money laundering laws Belinda Jepsen via shirl, Saturday, Aug 5 2017, 12:23am
The Commonwealth Bank was once a national citizen-owned bank and was never plagued with scandals and unethical behaviour. However, former corrupt puppet PM Paul Keating deregulated the banking sector and delivered the Commonwealth Bank to the private sector, after which it was riddled with the usual private sector scandals -- what did you expect, Australia, especially with foreign CEOs? (story and 1 image)
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Leo Strauss and his neocon band, including nutters Paul Wolfowtiz and Richard Perle image Neocons: The Enemy Within jake, Friday, Aug 4 2017, 11:02pm
Trump has already deferred his presidential prerogatives and authority to the Pentagon, the CIA and other agencies, ALL servile to the global financial elite, which group is manically profit-only driven but with a good dash of insanity. (story and 1 image)
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Malcolm Turnbull, confirmed COWARD and LIAR image Leaked Trump Transcript Confirms Oz PM Turnbull as Duplicitous LIAR Michael Koziol via gemma, Thursday, Aug 3 2017, 10:01pm
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been caught out after a leaked transcript of his phone call with US President Donald Trump showed Australia's agreement to take refugees from Central America was part of a quid-pro-quo arrangement even though the government has long denied such a deal. (story and 1 image)
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text Who is Responsible? claire, Thursday, Aug 3 2017, 12:50am
Take a good look around, runaway climate change, social discord, national leader comic book characters that know very little if anything about international politics. Nations are run by millionaire and billionaire elitists that pretend to represent the people -- what a tragic joke it all is. So the question begs, who is responsible for the current status quo and appalling global state of affairs?
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text Colour Revolution -- made in America for America cyd, Wednesday, Aug 2 2017, 6:09am
Colour revolutions as we have known them are a cesspool of CIA, deep state and NGO intrigues designed to replace a foreign national leader with a compliant Washington lackey. Numerous international governments have been successfully removed by this tried and tested method.
international / prose / post

text Olgas ned, Wednesday, Aug 2 2017, 2:04am
international / poetry / post

text “Bought Journalists” -- it's about time someone published the Truth James F. Tracy via jill, Tuesday, Aug 1 2017, 6:53am
Today's western journalists have sold out, critical news is intentionally downplayed or overlooked so as not to alarm the public with the truth about their respective governments. Journalists with integrity have been displaced with young, naive, eager and editorially controlled lackeys that suffer from job anxiety and debt slavery, which lame troop are all too willing to sell-out the primary and fundamental journalistic ethic, publish the TRUTH without fear or favour!

The following story is real, that means reality/truth-based, a rare report these days in a world of journalist prostitutes. How sad for them, as the truth always prevails and their names will be trashed and join the scoundrels that they failed to report the truth about. But yea, I've got my name and contorted articles in the mass media, silly fools.

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text Trump Will Remain President While He Pushes Permanent War Doctrine justin, Monday, Jul 31 2017, 11:44pm
Indeed, no matter how crude, misogynistic, down right insane or ill-informed Trumps actions, he will remain president because he pursues the neocon permanent war doctrine, which is the primary pursuit of the deep state.
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text China and India Torn Between Silk Roads and Cocked Guns Pepe Escobar via dulcie, Sunday, Jul 30 2017, 2:26am
So, once again it’s down to a face-off in the Himalayas. Beijing builds a road in the disputed territory of Doklam (if you’re Indian) or Donglang (if you’re Chinese), in the tri-junction of Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan, and all hell breaks loose. Or does it?
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china_us_flags.jpg image China has it, America doesn't; a vision, a strategic plan for the future michael payne via shirl, Sunday, Jul 30 2017, 1:53am
What could not be more obvious and troubling is the fact that those in control of the U.S. ship of state, specifically in the presidency and Congress, are caught up in a state of chaos and turmoil, resulting in political paralysis; one of their own making. (story and 1 image)
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text Elites Jumping Ship As Financial Collapse Draws Near Mac Slavo via jane, Sunday, Jul 30 2017, 12:18am
It’s easy to think of the political and financial elites who run our world as lofty and all powerful. They command dangerous governments that can wield devastating weapons, central banks that treat our economy like a rigged casino, media conglomerates that pacify the minds of the public, and unbelievably wealthy corporations that have concentrated wealth to an unprecedented degree.
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Lenin and Stalin image Stalin Knew His Shit drake, Friday, Jul 28 2017, 9:40am
First of all, there was NEVER a Russian revolution, it was a Rothschild’s revolution perpetrated on Russia by the Rothschild family of mega-bankers that had already gained control of the Bank of England via deception! (story and 1 image)
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googlecensored.jpg image Google Takes Lead in Global CENSORSHIP Andre Damon and Niles Niemuth via james, Thursday, Jul 27 2017, 9:55pm
In the three months since Internet monopoly Google announced plans to keep users from accessing "fake news," the global traffic rankings of a broad range of left-wing, progressive, anti-war and democratic rights organizations have fallen significantly. (story and 2 images)
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I mean really, how far do you expect to go with this captured, servile clown? image Europe Finally Opposes Washington's Dictates Paul Craig Roberts via jill, Thursday, Jul 27 2017, 11:03am
It took a buffoon, puppet, internationally mocked and despised president and Washington's overreach to finally wake Europe from its torpor and servile paralysis. The new American sanctions against Russia are obviously designed to enhance American corporate profits at the expense of European nations. US corporations had little trouble persuading their bought puppets in Congress to vote in favor of the sanctions.. However, as Americans are now becoming aware, Washington is no longer the center of the universe. (story and 1 image)
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Jeff Sessions image Policing for Profit: Jeff Sessions & Co.’s Thinly Veiled Plot to Rob Us Blind John W. Whitehead via sal, Thursday, Jul 27 2017, 9:46am
“Laws are no longer made by a rational process of public discussion; they are made by a process of blackmail and intimidation, and they are executed in the same manner. The typical lawmaker of today is a man wholly devoid of principle — a mere counter in a grotesque and knavish game. If the right pressure could be applied to him, he would be cheerfully in favor of polygamy, astrology or cannibalism. It is the aim of the Bill of Rights, if it has any remaining aim at all, to curb such prehensile gentry. Its function is to set a limitation upon their power to harry and oppress us to their own private profit.”— H.L. Mencken (story and 1 image)
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