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text The Solution is SIMPLE james, Friday, Sep 22 2017, 12:59am
Today people are faced with the utter ruin of democratic rights, liberties and freedoms in the western world, but particularly in America, which is the LEAST of all so-called democratic nations, as is clearly evident -- America is clearly an authoritarian police/military state, where the policies of unrepresentative elites are IMPOSED on the people that tremble in fear of their unrepresentative oppressors/overlords. A far cry from real democratic REPRESENTATION. Indeed, 'democracy' today is a pathetic joke, as all we see is master-slave IMPOSITIONS.
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'Removal' of this treacherous Traitor is long overdue image Russia says will target U.S.-backed fighters in Syria if provoked Andrew Osborn, Phil Stewart via shirl, Thursday, Sep 21 2017, 11:02pm
Indeed, we have the absurd and highly illegal attempt by the USA, utilising its supported Kurdish proxy fighters, to prevent the Syrian government reclaiming its own lands -- now think of that situation for a minute. Also, chicken shit Putin has faced this problem in Syria almost from the time that Russia legally intervened to support the sovereign state. Consider the expression "if provoked," a cowardly and unnecessary condition as Russian and Syrian government forces have been provoked almost continuously by the USA since they initially attempted illegal regime change. If illegally occupying American forces and their proxies cut and run they would surely then face SEVERE consequences including international legal challenges. (story and 1 image)
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trumpfascist.jpg image Unmasked: Trump vows Carnage for new 'axis of evil' Pepe Escobar via james, Thursday, Sep 21 2017, 8:12am
North Korea, Iran, Venezuela are targets in "compassionate" America's war on the "wicked few." It's almost as though Washington felt its hegemony threatened (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Rotten and Corrupt to the Core cyd, Thursday, Sep 21 2017, 1:48am
If ever material proof is required that the global masses are led by corrupt, Washington bought, lackey leaders -- Trump’s criminal and outrageous speech at the UN, which was recorded and compromises every world leader that sat back passively and listened to a pathological personality spout genocide and utter destruction on MILLIONS of INNOCENT North Korean people, including undisguised threats to Iran and Venezuela -- furnishes that PROOF.
international / prose / post

text Descent into Barbarism: Trump Attempts to Sell War And Genocide as Virtues at UN Finian Cunningham via jane, Thursday, Sep 21 2017, 12:14am
It can’t get more outrageous. US President Donald Trump stood in front of the United Nations and openly threatened unilateral war and genocide. It’s a sign of the times that such criminal rhetoric is so casually spouted by the world’s biggest military state.
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trumpun.jpg image Trump’s UN Speech Beyond the Pale drew, Wednesday, Sep 20 2017, 1:06am
Lunatic -- for the world to see -- president Donald Trump characteristically spewed vitriol, hatred, racism and utter destruction for 25 million innocent North Koreans by threatening to utterly destroy the entire nation if this spoiled brat doesn’t get his own way. Had this speech been broadcast anytime in the second half of the 20th century Trump would have been immediately removed from office and incarcerated indefinitely in a psychiatric institution. However, clearly things have changed for the worse since the 20th century. Which is a sign of disastrous things to come as no-one would escape the impact/consequences of clearly insane world leaders today. (story and 1 image)
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text Modern Corrupt and Duplicitous Government justin, Monday, Sep 18 2017, 9:38pm
Few politicians keep their word in the modern era and as we are all aware a person’s word is his/her WORTH -- who tolerates a brazen, destructive LIAR in their personal relations? No-one!
international / prose / post

text North Korea and the Great Feign darcy, Monday, Sep 18 2017, 1:16am
Indeed, the kindergarten antics of world leaders regarding the NK ‘crisis’ veils the real game behind the illusion that it is NK which is the problem -- nothing could be further from the truth. North Korea has no external conquest ambitions unlike the USA, which nation IMAGINES it has the God-given right to rule the world (Ronald Reagan) and has subsequently invaded and destroyed numerous sovereign states, killed millions of INNOCENT people, had their leaders deposed or assassinated and then STOLEN much coveted, by bankers/corporations, valuable resources. That is the REALITY, not the distractive and deceptive mass media garbage that issues daily from the western mass media like sewage.
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text Propaganda and ‘Perception Management’ Equals Social Control blake, Sunday, Sep 17 2017, 1:55am
It would appear that western populations are being primed for another major (9/11 type) ‘terrorist’ event. The Australian mass media is running stories, courtesy of the New York CFR, of navy seal team 6 killing Bin Laden (old news) and his adolescent son as the new leader of al-Qaeda. Though Hamza Bin Laden, is a kid, but what does that matter in a land run on make believe?
international / prose / post

text Fabricated Russian Hacking Story Continues to Unravel Mike Whitney via gail, Saturday, Sep 16 2017, 11:25pm
The 'hacking' story has already been exposed by Wikileaks, there is a huge difference between a hack and a LEAK, Assange himself stated that the compromising information supplied to Wikileaks stemmed from an internal 'leak' originally within the Democratic Party, notwithstanding that various US journalists have also exposed this paper thin propaganda fiction.
international / prose / post

text USA: The World's Leading Failed State jane, Saturday, Sep 16 2017, 6:46pm
Largely disregarded today, the founding documents of the US remain among the most noble documents written for any government and its people. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights enshrine the best model for rulership and fair government, notwithstanding the brazen hypocrisy of those that penned them. Nevertheless, every nation should aspire to fulfil their noble aspirations and intention to create a just society. But tragically the nation that produced them is the worst offender of its own ideals, which in no way diminishes the value of these documents, they remain a reminder of how things should be in America.
international / prose / post

text America's Dangerous Backfire Strategy with China over Dollar Trade staff report via debbie, Thursday, Sep 14 2017, 11:47pm
Only the crazies in Washington would play this high stakes game as it could subvert and accelerate the dollar's demise as the world's default trading currency. In these circumstances China and Russia's existing plan to move away from the dollar and establish alternative trade relations would end dollar dominance, as Trade in the Yuan would be convertible to GOLD, something Wall street and western bankers fear to the utmost degree. If the dollar loses its status to the yuan/gold, it would spell the end for dollar subscribing western economies and financial systems. Take note Washington morons -- personally I hope you maintain this foolish threat/gamble and shoot yourselves in the foot/face.
international / prose / post

text Sure Signs ... shirl, Thursday, Sep 14 2017, 11:46am
In order to understand the present the past is the most reliable guide and accurate reference. We should note that in the later stages of the failing Roman Empire various caesars employed proxy fighters to do their dirty work, as its once brilliant and highly successful military was in decay for numerous reasons, not least, it had grown inefficient and slovenly. Utilising paid proxy fighters hastened the end of the Roman Empire as history records, as these non-Roman fighters eventually turned on the Empire that paid them to fight their wars, realising of course, if Rome is forced to pay for foreign armies its own must be failing and weak, is anyone able to draw a modern parallel -- LOL?
international / prose / post

text U.S. Senate Votes For More War Connor O'Brien via darcy, Wednesday, Sep 13 2017, 9:58pm
The Senate Wednesday scuttled a proposal by Sen. Rand Paul to repeal the war authorizations that underpin the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as military action in a slew of other countries.
international / prose / post

Putin's Russia image China and Russia Warn the U.S. Ting Shi and David Tweed via cyd, Wednesday, Sep 13 2017, 9:01pm
As has been stated many times by many contributors to this site, an American attack on NK would involve China and Russia militarily, which nations share land borders with NK. Any attack on NK would be disastrous for China in particular, NK refugees would pour over the border and destabilise the region, notwithstanding the fact that the USA would use the attack to ALSO install offensive nuclear capable missiles on both Russia's and China's land borders tightening the existing nuclear noose on both nations -- but perhaps this is the plan by Washington crazies, notwithstanding it may trigger WWIII, though as is proven, never underestimate the stupidity of crazed human beings, especially neocons in Washington and their unstable, pathological puppet president, Trump. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death Paul Craig Roberts via jane, Tuesday, Sep 12 2017, 11:01pm
Two of America’s most populous states, Texas and Florida, are in hurricane ruins, and Washington is fomenting more wars. The US national debt is now over $20 trillion, and Washington is fomenting more wars. The entire world is helping Washington foment wars—including two targeted countries themselves—Russia and China—both of which are helping Washington foment more wars. Believe it or not, both Russia and China voted with Washington on the UN Security Council to impose more and harsher sanctions on North Korea, a country guilty of nothing but a desire to have the means to protect itself from the US and not become yet another Washington victim like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Serbia, and Ukraine overthrown in a US coup and now poverty-stricken.
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text End Warrantless Deep State Spying claire, Tuesday, Sep 12 2017, 10:36pm
There are no two ways about it, WE the globally surveilled, media-captured, constantly deceived, nose-ringed masses ALLOW warrantless pan-surveillance and spying on almost all aspects of our open and PRIVATE lives; yes, big brother’s techno-tentacles are entwined around everyone that lives in any society where digital communications, financial transactions and other digital technologies dominate, which is most of the known world. Furthermore, the controllers -- banks and corporations, utilising puppet leaders/governments -- are now implementing their plan for a cashless society, the application of which would clearly enslave everyone, as the threat of clicking a key and blocking digital currency transactions required for the basic necessities of life would of course enable big brother to destroy anyone they choose to destroy, how very convenient and horrid -- no-one could ever be trusted with that power.
international / prose / post

text America's Willful Negligence Concerning the 9/11 Attacks Joe Giambrone via sal, Monday, Sep 11 2017, 8:30pm
Since December 2002, at the latest, it became glaringly obvious that certain individuals in the US government had lied about how the 9/11 attacks had come to be. When the Bush administration censored the official congressional investigation, the "Joint Inquiry" into the attacks, notably the 28-page section on foreign state funding to the named hijackers, its legitimacy crumbled.
international / prose / post

text It’s September 11 and the Mass Media Doesn’t Want to Go There trudy, Monday, Sep 11 2017, 12:44am
Surely you would think that date, now etched in world memory, would evoke a story of 9/11 from at least one major mass media organisation. However, as the government story has been ridiculed by specialists, including demolition experts, physicists, architects, engineers, metallurgists, NYC firemen and police first on the scene, it would seem that coverage may be dangerous and elicit a flood of responses exposing AGAIN the obvious LIES of government.
international / prose / post

text Flagrant Disregard of International LAW -- America's Transparent Attempt to Frame Russia Christopher Black via jess, Friday, Sep 8 2017, 9:28pm
'Russiagate' is floundering, as a result the U.S. deep state is desperate to 'obtain' real EVIDENCE of Russia's involvement in the fabricated story of intervention in the U.S. presidential election. I refer to the FBI raids on Russian diplomats and the search of their premises, which includes the grossly ILLEGAL attempt to conduct searches of Russia's Consular properties -- but as we know from the grossly illegal military intervention and occupation by U.S. forces in Syria, America doesn't give a damn about international laws and conventions -- clearly the USA is a BRAZEN rogue, criminal state and should be treated as such by the international community, which nation is next?
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