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Stan Grant image Stan Grant, Aboriginal TV host (ABC) and attempted Journalist Tries to Write on Joyce james, Monday, Feb 19 2018, 4:22am
Stan Grant begins his ‘journalistic’ piece with “what to do about Barnaby Joyce, ... a wicked problem,” for the government -- implied. (story and 1 image)
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text Forget it! claire, Sunday, Feb 18 2018, 9:57pm
There is no “We the People ...,” perhaps there never was, but what is starkly evident today is that the USA is ruled by non-representative forces that use presidents as puppets and governments as toys.
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text A New and Effective Model for Workers Rights darcy, Sunday, Feb 18 2018, 3:53pm
One need not split hairs over the causes of chaos, instability and destruction in the world today. The cause is as obvious as dog’s balls. Avaricious pigs rule the world, plain to see.
international / prose / post

John Winthrop, self-righteous, intolerant bigot and religious fanatic image American History for Truthdiggers: Roots in Religious Zealotry Maj. Danny Sjursen via jill, Sunday, Feb 18 2018, 2:27am
Truthdig editor’s note: The past is prologue. The stories we tell about ourselves and our forebears inform the sort of country we think we are and help determine public policy. As our current president promises to “Make America great again,” this moment is an appropriate time to reconsider our past, look back at various eras of United States history and re-evaluate America’s origins. When, exactly, were we “great”? (story and 1 image)
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text Today’s Post-Real World janice, Saturday, Feb 17 2018, 10:10pm
Since acclaimed literary critic, theorist and analyst Roland Barthes announced the death of the author, back in 1977, he knowingly and to an extent, unknowingly, predicted/pre-empted the post-reality/postmodern world we live in today, which I would name as the ‘Post-Real’ world in which reality is determined by the reader or interpreter of cultural signs, (language) symbols, images, including phenomenological material signs and symbols, like buildings, vehicles, cats, dogs, etc, etc, as cultural discourse, because all these artefacts SPEAK to us as language which must be interpreted.
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PM Malcolm Turnbull (left) and deputy Barnaby Joyce, two FAILED leaders image “Inept” -- Deputy Oz PM Joyce Attacks PM Turnbull james, Thursday, Feb 15 2018, 7:27pm
Well, as predicted the scandal assailed deputy PM Barnaby Joyce certainly didn’t need any help destroying what was left of his career -- his reputation and social standing is already shattered beyond repair. Joyce is now in full self-destruct mode and any support he may have had would wither as a result of his latest incredibly idiotic open attack on the PM, though I would add, his accusation is entirely correct, as the PM should have stepped in IMMEDIATELY and forced Joyce to stand aside or resign for the good of the coalition and government. PM Turnbull is clearly the leader you have when you’re not having a leader. (story and 1 image)
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text A Dangerous Turn in U.S. Foreign Policy Conn Hallinan via julie, Wednesday, Feb 14 2018, 11:05pm
The Trump administration’s new National Defense Strategy is being touted as a sea change in U.S. foreign policy, a shift from the “war on terrorism” to “great power competition,” a line that would not be out of place in the years leading up to World War I. But is the shift really a major course change, or a re-statement of policies followed by the last four administrations?
international / prose / post

text American Culture Indicted -- Yet Another Tragic School Shooting shiela, Wednesday, Feb 14 2018, 7:55pm
America specialises in the killing of INNOCENT civilians world wide -- tens of millions to date -- it is a cultural mindset that has plagued the nation since its war of independence and early genocides of native Americans. Today America exports this poisonous mentality to the wider world, America can infamously boast of approximately 12 million innocent souls murdered in pursuit of PROFIT since the Vietnam war, which, the manic pursuit of profit, was also the main reason for the slaughter of native Americans -- they were simply in the way of ‘progress’ and the interests of the elite few. And so, is the world surprised by the latest school shooting in Florida? Not really.
international / prose / post

Joyce (left) with PM 'hopeless' Turnbull image Barnaby Joyce “Comes out Swinging” according to The Australian Newspaper jane, Tuesday, Feb 13 2018, 11:32pm
Really, one could only wonder what Joyce is swinging besides the shit he is drowning in? (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

assange0.jpg image Assange’s Hopes of Freedom Trampled justin, Tuesday, Feb 13 2018, 10:16pm
A UK judge trampled all over Assange’s legal team’s arguments that it was not in the “public interest” to enforce an arrest warrant for Assange for skipping bail. Assange’s completely inept, divorced from REALITY, legal team, argued that his self-incarceration at the Ecuadorian Embassy was punishment enough for skipping bail and that further enforcement of the warrant was a “disproportionate punishment,” which ‘defence’ Judge Emma Arbuthnot stomped all over by stating that Assange was FREE to leave the embassy at any time and face charges in UK courts, which outcomes he could appeal if he chose. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text The FBI and President Trump James Petras via gail, Tuesday, Feb 13 2018, 2:25am
Few government organizations have been engaged in violation of the US citizens’ constitutional rights for as long a time and against as many individuals as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Seldom has there been greater collusion in the perpetration of crimes against civil liberties, electoral freedom and free and lawful expression as what has taken place between the FBI and the US Justice Department.
international / prose / post

Ha, ha, Har, ay! image Barnaby Joyce, the flaming powder keg in the Liberal Ship cyd, Monday, Feb 12 2018, 8:05pm
Barnaby Joyce’s position is untenable regardless of which perspective you take, he MUST resign otherwise the entire party is doomed. However, in view of this searing reality, Turnbull, forever the short-term thinker and political opportunist, cannot let Joyce go as the government would lose its majority. And there lies the hapless conservatives, between a rock and a hard place, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. What better predicament for the lying, elite serving, unrepresentative conservatives to face. (story and 2 images)
international / prose / post

Dumbarse Fat Cat, whose only real function is to serve the Elite image Trump takes from the Poor and gives to the Rich jaxie, Monday, Feb 12 2018, 7:03pm
Is there any American that now doubts Trump’s true character? He is an elitist through and through who doesn’t give a damn for the suckers that voted for him, his budget spells it out in no uncertain terms. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text The Biggest Threat to US Elections are Facebook and Google's Youtube -- NOT Russia! Steven Rosenfeld via jane, Sunday, Feb 11 2018, 6:45pm
Silicon Valley algorithms while suppressing alternative news sites help spread conspiracy theories peddled by questionable American sources.
international / prose / post

text The Big Unraveling justin, Sunday, Feb 11 2018, 6:02pm
Israel has effectively declared war on Syria with intrusions into its sovereign air space and the bombing of Syrian ground targets the Israelis seem to think threaten its existence as a stolen State. So bombs away and to hell with international LAW, which is the point the complicit, corporate western mass media is very careful to AVOID.
international / prose / post

Are you kidding Barnaby, you completely destroyed a career in the public and (future) private sectors for that!? image Major Sexual Scandal Hits Oz Politician -- the deputy Prime Minister no less! jaxie, Saturday, Feb 10 2018, 9:15pm
I have to hand it to my fellow Australians, when they throw mud it’s REAL mud that sticks, not the fabricated innuendos currently typical of Washington. (story and 2 images)
international / prose / post

text The Political Whores of Washington [and Elsewhere] Susan Trotter via jaxie, Saturday, Feb 10 2018, 7:39pm
It is established fact/REALITY today that people in the western world never get representation. LIARS, deceivers and cheats are elected to office only to openly renege on all their promises and serve minority elite interests. How many more times must we fall for the deceptions of professional rogues, liars and cheats before we wake to the fact that we are all being screwed? Clearly a vote for ANY major party anywhere in the West is a wasted vote; regardless of political stripe the elected always serve minority interests -- and we call this democracy, forced to choose between a vomit and a turd.
international / prose / post

facebookprivacylaws.jpg image Brazil's Largest Paper Ditches Facebook as it "Effectively" Suppresses Professional Journalism Jake Johnson via lex, Friday, Feb 9 2018, 8:12pm
Accusing Facebook of discriminating against "quality" content and accelerating the spread of "fake news" with its newly-unveiled algorithm, Brazil's largest newspaper Folha de S. Paulo—which boasts a print and online subscriber base of 285,000 people—has announced that it will no longer publish its articles on the social media platform. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

googcuffs.jpg image Surveillance Capitalism -- How CIA Supported Google is Tracking Your Every Move jess, Friday, Feb 9 2018, 7:05pm
Google and Facebook's algorithms are insidious and have been proven to be detrimental to youth development and society at large -- in fact, these two CIA supported and shaped mega-IT companies are, as they stand, horrendous threats to the social fabric of any society. They are now engaged in outright censorship of the free flow of information on the internet. This site receives less than 5 unique search hits from Google per month, more often less than 2 -- ridiculous as we are fully aware of SEO methods -- though our sys-admins have successfully compensated for this overt censorship/backgrounding via advanced IT methods and a huge subscriber base and mailing list. Nevertheless, our record from logs over 15 years since the inception of our parent site, easily illustrate Google's unsavoury tactics with sites that do not comply or agree with the government/CFR fake news propaganda discourse. (story and 2 images)
international / prose / post

audio America After Losing the Proxy War in Syria Directly Engages Syrian Forces in Battle Jon Queally via shirl, Thursday, Feb 8 2018, 11:33pm
America's presence/occupation in Syria today is grossly illegal. However, when have legalities ever stopped the world's leading civilian killing terrorist nation from pursuing its criminal goals? (story and 1 audio file)
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