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John McCain Avowed Warmonger
by drew Monday, May 8 2017, 11:49pm
international / prose / post

It is apparent that certain members of the US Congress have little concern for innocent human lives. This extends dramatically to disturbed pathological types like John McCain, who once sang a distorted Beach Boys song along the lines of, “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," publically, and thought himself proud for that clearly insane, infantile act. I need not stress the point that McCain is a warmonger in the first degree. He imagines like all extremists that violence solves problems when history has taught the world it only increases devastating problems.

John 'damaged goods' McCain
John 'damaged goods' McCain

A little analysis reveals that McCain has been psychologically damaged, possibly beyond cure, by his experience as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He has never forgiven the ‘enemy’ for the treatment he received and so projects those experiences onto all perceived enemies -- it should be noted that Iran and numerous other nations attacked subversively and overtly by the USA have never posed a direct threat to the nation, in fact most so called enemies have desired amicable relations with America as Ho Chi Minh once pursued, the dismissal of which by the incompetent government at the time returned to haunt and devastate over 50,000 American lives. Now be aware of the fact that Vietnam was fighting for its INDEPENDENCE much the same as America did against the stranglehold of the British Empire, so where’s the difference? There isn’t any, Ho Chi Minh asked for help from the US before he received assistance from China and Russia, in his struggle/fight for freedom.

Now consider that the US was behaving exactly like the British rulers of colonial America toward Vietnam, hmm! But this historical fact was lost on McCain who is also a product of military brainwashing, not by the Vietnamese but by the Pentagon.

We are all shaped by our ‘cultural education’ and experiences and McCain is no exception, in fact he is a prime example of a destructive and extremely negative experience both in peace and war. So is his obvious pathological personality a surprise? Certainly not, but this man is clearly unfit to be a member of any sane government that is why he couldn’t survive in any government but the American government!

Violence, war is ALWAYS McCain’s first option, he can’t help himself but we can. And so it becomes necessary to remove this lunatic and others like him from their positions of influence, though McCain's primary function is as a puppet for the neocons and their ‘perpetual war’ doctrine, another clearly insane group of psychopaths, so it all fits, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t fit into sanity or sustainable prosperity for all, the American ideal, as permanent war must end in complete destruction, obvious.

And so we must face the fact that all subscribers to this doctrine are sick to the core, violence doesn't solve anything, the WORLD today bears testimony and is my witness, especially regarding America’s illegal perpetual wars, which have only created more problems for America and the world to deal with, and that is my point, we must deal with these problems by striking at the root not the branches.

Read the NYT article linked below for further proof -- however, a cautionary note, both McCain and Tillerson are American supremacists and would use deception and violence to achieve that end:

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