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Serpents and Roses
by stacy Monday, May 15 2017, 7:35am
international / poetry / post


a single stem rose ‘bush’
poised like a ballerina in space
sometimes appearing vertical
then without movement/detection
appearing horizontal,
a most peculiar plant
without root in any ground

its end supports a black rose
while its apex a white rose
though no-one can fathom
which rose indicates top or bottom
yet they clearly transmit a duality/binary
and as binaries care little for spacial
considerations -- only polarities --
the world is cast, embedded rather,
in stone
though few realise existence is trapped
searching for a point of equilibrium, the beam or fulcrum
of a see-saw
which supports the furious, irreconcilable opposites
that eternally fight for supremacy
unaware that only a third introduced factor is able
to integrate chaos by providing a stabilising point

lacking that progressive point, fury prevails
which petrifies itself as there is no solution

the friction produced by the competing two
gives rise to myriad realms though binaries
cannot escape themselves, the One has been split
into irreconcilable opposites;
heaven-hell, good-bad, day-night
sun-moon, motion-stasis, life-death, etc ...

yet around this single stem bush
a two-headed, tailless serpent coils itself
with gaping mouths and fangs poised to strike
each rose

naturally the double-headed serpent
possesses two spines, one ascending the other descending
while the thorny central cavity remains invisible
hidden, as all power is contained therein

he/she that unlocks that power by reconciliation
is worshiped by Gods and served by Devils
all things defer to its awesomeness,
the cosmos becomes a playground for such a One

["There was something that finished chaos, born before Heaven and Earth" -- Tao Te Ching, chapter 25]

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