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Ozís Big Four Banks Squeal like Stuck Pigs over Levy
by darcy Monday, May 15 2017, 8:50am
international / prose / post

There is a very simple solution to Australiaís taxation system and itís quintessentially Australian: Ďthose that benefit most from the nation should return most to the nation.í It couldnít be fairer.


Bank chairpersons and CEOs are screaming over a proposed tax levy soon to be introduced, however, they forget that it was government that deregulated the banks and allowed the thieving bastards to implement PARASITIC FEES and reduce services to clients/customers.

Now that their true face has become known, that is, their intention to pass on the cost of this levy to customers, every Australian should remind the banks that they are detested, have no public support and that government, as the peopleís representative, is EASILY able to re-regulate and deny them the income from parasitic fees for services, which were once considered a privilege to offer for granting banks custom. Push and the public would push back harder, the banks have had it too good for too long -- HAVE WE GOT IT NOW?

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