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Impeachment: Trump is up Against it no doubt but rather than fight he SULKS
by jaxie Thursday, May 18 2017, 1:55am
international / prose / post

Like the naive political infant that Trump is, he faces the deep state agenda to impeach him by sulking like a child, poo poo, ka ka; ďno politician has been treated worse,Ē WHAT!


Notwithstanding that this is the statement of a person devoid of ALL political skill and historical knowledge, should we mention great leaders like Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and numerous others? NO, because we can bring it all home with Jack Kennedy and his brother Robert , who were both MURDERED by the same forces that now oppose Trump -- the American Deep State.

There is no doubt the deep state is a formidable opponent, after all it continues to get away with the clearly staged 9/11 false flag and the Clinton/Bush/Obama administrationsí flagrant (and proven) criminal activities. BUT there is no such thing as a political opponent that canít be beaten, which REALITY is screaming historical FACT!

Now view the current behaviour of Trump the PATHETIC president, ignorant beyond all belief AND DEVOID OF ALL POLITICAL SKILL, he SULKS openly like a child when faced with the usual treacheries of political leadership. Had Trump drained the Washington swamp with the support of the people behind him, as PROMISED, he would be in a far better position today but he lacked the crucial requisite, the ticker to do so. Trump instead of championing the peopleís wishes and honouring HIS word, began to appease his enemies by placing enemy conservatives in his administration, foolishly imagining that would prevent further attacks against him.

However, as anyone with a skerrick of political knowledge is aware, APPEASEMENT only increases the strength of opponents, which today is plainly manifest, though Trumpís ignorance and lack of character/skill are largely to blame for the predicament in which he now finds himself. Also, his cowardly lack of support for his political friends which were targeted and eliminated, one by one, by the deep state, allowed the present assault on him personally, as now he has no friends or the people's support in Washington. The deep state is well aware they are dealing with a spineless (the critical factor) witless, moron, a very easy political opponent to slaughter. And so it will be if Trump does not gird his loins and FIGHT; he has inherited the executive powers of an Emperor, but he lacks the political skill of a traditional Emperor, a brief reading of The Prince and Chinese/Roman history would be advised in order to learn a thing or two about basic political survival. And so Trumpís supremely stupid move to appease his enemies has in fact sealed his fate -- there is no appeasing those that wish to slay you, you dumb fuck!

Need I continue? The inevitable neoconservative takeover would occur well before the next election, a new compliant conservative president will be appointed -- would anyone care to wager against this obvious outcome?

The neocons that shadow-rule Washington realise that Trump hasnít a chance at the next presidential election and so they have launched a coup beating the Democrats to the punch in order to reinforce and consolidate their power prior to the next election, a simple political strategy. And so, tell it to your blind and demented grandmother, dead meat Donald.

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