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Digital Technologies: Millennials and other generations are BORN into SLAVERY
by jess Friday, May 19 2017, 3:07am
international / prose / post

Indeed, though the title should read DIGITAL slavery.

The title raises numerous questions, not least, why do the young fail to oppose draconian, criminal, elite rule, which is grotesquely evident to everyone. The answer is as the title suggests, they are born into slavery and have no notion of REAL freedom, they can only imagine or fantasize about the real freedoms enjoyed by previous generations which are acutely aware of what they have lost, most crucially PRIVACY, which is the foundation of security, not the State, which pretends to ‘keep us safe’, which is the very reason we have lost our real freedoms, only privacy ensures freedom to think and act.

Generations today understand consciously and unconscious that they are easily monitored by Big Brother’s digital technologies, their incredibly submissive behaviour to State authority verifies as much, whereas in the not too distant past if governments or their institutions failed the people, the people would act almost immediately and remedy the problem, this is a necessary democratic principle, as governments are supposed to be OUR representatives and therefore subject to our wishes; however, that is clearly not the case today, but what’s worse is people accept flagrant criminality and oppression from unrepresentative, elite serving governments, most of which are placed into power by the elite ‘perception managing’ mass media. And so elite pervasive rule is facilitated by intrusive technologies which are accessed by a click of a keyboard and elite owned media information disseminating systems.

Now contrast accessing the hard copy files that existed in the past, which attempted theft was responsible for the resignation/impeachment of former American president Richard Nixon -- are you able to appreciate the monumental problems of accessing private data in the past?

I would now ask, who is watching today’s watchers? No-one! They are entities unto themselves, intel and regulatory agencies have the goods on everyone including State leaders. Information rules today via information systems, which are in the hands of nefarious murdering individuals, note how Trump is subject to these powers and like a timid puppy has been forced to heel. The only powers that are easily able to remove state leaders today are those that have pervasive information systems at their disposal that vacuum all digital information automatically, a simple search is all that is required, and O, how criminal Nixon would have loved to possess that technology!

It is tragic to the extreme that today’s generations accept slavery as a given, ‘it’s just the way it is,’ well, it ISN’T, as the people remain the most powerful social force in any society but how do you convince people of the fact when they have no notion of real FREEDOM and their ability to effect dramatic social change, as was historically routine in the past?

Readers would note by inference that digital technologies also divide and conquer, they substitute real interpersonal relationships with social network packages, which actually alienate people from each other though pretending to bond users more effectively. Clearly nothing could be further from the truth, the young today are so completely devastated by these technologies if 'digital friends’ turn on them digitally they often suicide or plunge into deep depression, as they have no REAL friends unaffected by these technologies, to assist them.

Bullying was always a fact of life but others aware of the fact in the real world ensured that victims were not destroyed; enough REAL support existed to counter all these nasty attempts as people faced each other daily and learned the value of interpersonal real relations, which later became manifest as social movements if the occasion arose, people were effectively bonded and instinctively supported each other previous to the introduction of enslaving and alienating digital technologies.

Now, clearly, it is not the tool that is to blame, as a tool could be used for good or ill depending on the character of the person/s using it. What is to blame is the manner in which these technologies are being utilised today to intrude and enslave, however, it doesn’t have to be so, the minority groups that wield this nefarious power only need to be removed by popular consent and the new technologies then focused on enhancing human existence not degrading it. Mental oppression is actually more abhorrent than physical oppression as with physical oppression the mind remains independent and free, which is always why people have been able to survive the most horrid abuses and then live to fight back. But alas, these options are no longer entertained today, as slavery has become an accepted given by generations that should be ensuring a better future for themselves but as born slaves they look to the State and other paternal figures to solve their problems for them, as would be expected.

Now note another elite attack on a crucial freedom factor, money! I was informed in the early eighties by insiders that major banks and financial institutions would be incrementally implementing debt slavery on western societies, I had no real idea of the consequences as I had only experienced abundant fair wages all my life, though the consequences of this nefarious strategy is plainly evident today.

National wealth has always remained RELATIVELY the same only the possession of available percentages of that wealth has changed, the debt 'enslavers' now possess over ninety nine percent of available wealth whereas in the 60‘s that wealth was distributed more equitably/evenly, and what are the 60‘s most historically noted for? PROTEST and social movements opposing the elite -- the masses had abundant disposable funds from fair pay deals which unions fought to achieve. But today wealth is hogged and wages for fair work have been reduced to subsistence levels, allowing little time/FREEDOM for the financially oppressed to revolt or protest over anything. Now if you imagine imposing debt slavery strategies was accidental after the huge social mass movements of the 60‘s, then please go and turn on your television sets and watch the ‘titainment’ or ‘news’ that elites are feeding the masses in order to reinforce passivity and compliance.

Now a philosophical question arises, if humans are unable to effect necessary change, which failure is now affecting the planet, then that change would come from another living source at great, if not total, cost to the human species. I am not referring to anything mystical, I am referring to nature. Whether humanity survives nature’s impending fury remains to be seen, but what is easily seen is nature rapidly making human life far more difficult. The social upheavals caused by nature would be so extreme, as is becoming apparent to blind humans, that they may indeed destroy all technologies as all such technologies are held together by gossamer threads.

What I am highlighting is that options exist for improving our lives and the environment but first elite nefarious forces must be eliminated. Either way change is a certainty, however, it would be preferable to implement positive change ourselves and lessen the impact already approaching by unemotional but very alive, nature.

See link below for a different perspective on the same digital topic:

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