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Confirmed: Black and Yellow Gold Behind ALL Recent Wars
by james Monday, Jan 11 2016, 9:47pm
international / prose / post

The link below provides documented proof from the highest sources of what astute analysts have been stating for years, i.e. that ALL so-called wars on terror are primarily concerned with oil resources, gold/money, strategic lands and pipeline corridors.

However, it should be remembered that the mega-financial interests that control ALL western governments are behind all the wars their puppet politicians wage in their interests. How so, via military resource grabs and outright THEFT based on whatever pretext is fabricated at the time usually created terrorism threats or portraying non-compliant foreign leaders as tyrants.

A good example is Gaddafi, the now murdered former leader of Libya. Take note, Libya was the only debt-free nation in the world, in other words not controlled by western banking interests and their corporate progeny. Such was the panic of controlling (via international DEBT SLAVERY) interests that they ignored careful planning and exposed themselves by frantically establishing a western controlled Reserve Bank, “with governor,” in Benghazi almost immediately after NATO puppets began bombing sorties in an, established by the UN, ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya. This very desperate and revealing measure occurred even before Gaddafi was located and subsequently cruelly assassinated. We should all remember Gaddafi’s well publicised plan to remove western financial control in Africa by replacing foreign paper currencies, particularly the petro-dollar and franc with the gold dinar. Gaddafi had generously backed this plan with his own private stores, 143 tonnes of GOLD, roughly equivalent to almost 10 billion dollars.

Now imagine the panic in the banking halls of power, namely Rothschild, Rockefeller and other nefarious owners of the western world. They could not allow this ‘contagion’ to spread as their hold on the world is purely via DEBT slavery and the paper currencies they own and produce – I now ask, is YOUR nation debt free or are YOU debt free, as Gaddafi’s Libya was?

Gaddafi also provided his citizens with free education, even covering the expenses of foreign university education, free health care and a gift of a free new home for newlyweds! Do your puppet western governments provide same? Not a chance, they facilitate monumental DEBT slavery for the banking interests that installed them in power, plain to see! So anyone that would break the cycle of debt slavery and subvert the power of unrepresentative minority interests of course is immediately targeted for elimination by any means. And so went Gaddafi, cruelly slaughtered by western banking interests and their compliant political NATO/US puppets.

Prior to that outrageous CRIME on a debt-free PROSPEROUS sovereign State, these same mass murdering interests, removed Saddam Hussein, based on a raft of LIES that Hussein, a secular leader, was involved in the 9/11 false flag operation and had massive stores of WMD -- ALL LIES the lot of it, but these criminal forces nevertheless invaded Iraq at a huge cost in innocent lives and destabilised the nation and put its leader to death. HOWEVER, it should be noted that US duped invading forces made a bee-line straight to the oil ministry (NOT weapons depots) in Baghdad, which was the primary order given to invading troops – now how bloody obvious is that historical FACT, notwithstanding the many ridiculous lies disseminated in order to justify an illegal invasion – surely the most mentally challenged American banjo-player is now able to add 1+1?

Now, I want you all to consider your own plight and how available wealth over the past few decades has been channelled to these nefarious, mass murdering, banking interests and how real wages (living standards) have been declining over the same period and how your stable jobs have been offshored in order to increase corporate profits which are hardly taxed due to the engineered various globalist structures (TAX HAVENS) created to avoid paying their dues in tax. Now also consider the carnival of western elections designed to give enslaved morons the false notion they are free to choose the colour of the chains that bind them, as the status quo NEVER CHANGES regardless of which party wins a national election -- ALL MAJOR PARTIES serve the SAME INTERESTS, painfully obvious to see! Put plainly your debt/slavery has been carefully engineered, while criminal minority interests have never had it so good, WHY? Because YOU allow it and would rather be enslaved than FREE, an indisputable reality today.

Now consider how very easily these nefarious interests are able to remove political leaders that do not toe their line and how IMPOSSIBLE it would be to deal with a unified national population THAT REFUSES TO BE ENSLAVED by a bunch of gutless, panic-stricken, trembling, mass murdering elite BANKING families/cartels.

Now before I refer you to more evidence below, I would state a simple historical fact, real FREEDOM is never bestowed, especially in pretend democracies, FREEDOM is WON by directly opposing and eliminating criminal enslaving forces – easily done today as ALWAYS; minority criminal interests have no answer for the most powerful social force on the planet, THE MASSES! So, either continue to cower and eat shit or revolt and take back what has been stolen from you and then share with humanity as was intended from the start, before any text was written.

FREEDOM or continuing (socially engineered) DEBT slavery, the choice IS YOURS.

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