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Hope, the Opiate of the Masses Today
by suzie Sunday, May 7 2017, 8:58pm
international / prose / post

There is no doubt the world is going to hell in a hand basket, all one need do is LOOK at the prevailing reality not listen to the ‘news.’ When we do that we see outrageous provocations and orchestrated lies targeted at America’s perceived (nuclear) enemies, which remain in opposition to any American or other domination. Those targeted nations like the rest of us, wish to preserve their sovereign independent status under international law, live and let live, is how they see things, furthermore, they believe in co-operation not domination.

Yet the FACT that the USA continues to prepare for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia and China speaks volumes about the current reality.

So what is America’s modus operandi, which never varies? They prepare for military attacks while PRETENDING to talk conciliation, when ready they strike, stabbing their perceived enemies in the back, America has a long record of this duplicity, or they stage a false flag and attack explaining themselves (lying) AFTER the attack. The fact that the American propaganda apparatus spews ‘friendly’ talks, is a FEIGN but we humans prefer to live in hope not to appreciate disturbing realities; so we imagine that no-one would be so crazy as to launch a pre-emptive nuclear attack, well think again, it is BELIEVED by the lunatic neocons that control foreign policy that a pre-emptive (surprise) strike would be successful as the US has a proximity advantage and defensive missile launches take time. Neocons and their Pentagon puppets imagine they would be able to inflict a devastating first strike creating a delayed and less effective limited response. That may be so, but the option of an all-out response REMAINS, in other words, there’s no turning back once any nation uses nuclear weapons and if a targeted nation must die it would take its attackers with it -- that is the more realistic approach, as we all know human nature.

The lunatics in Washington actually entertain the idea that Russia and China would defer/capitulate rather than retaliate in kind -- what a fuckin’ dream -- consider all the attempts of these two targeted nations to work with, not against, the USA and then face a cowardly first strike from America, while it is talking peace or distracting leaders in some way. I am not suggesting that leaders are unaware or believe the pathologically LYING USA, I am stating that the TIME factor is critical in such conflicts and any hesitation spells defeat, hence any distractive means no matter how slight prove advantageous.

But of course the population will have none of it, it cannot conceive that anyone would use nuclear weapons offensively, well America has in the past, the first and second nuclear bombs dropped on Japan occurred while other nations were negotiating a surrender deal with Japan, that is historically recorded though it is not taught in modern history classes. So the track record exists notwithstanding the use of depleted uranium in modern illegal wars that America wages today; America has already subscribed to the neocon ‘perpetual war’ doctrine to achieve world domination, so think again and leave your hope where it belongs, in the world of self-delusion.

Without hope and other escapist thought patterns we would face the stark reality of today, and in circumstances where no option other than direct action from a public that would rather live and let live in peace, exists, there is little choice. Also note that Washington lunatics have nuclear shelters and view the masses as expendable slaves -- they also believe the world is overpopulated -- hopefully, given the little choice we have today, we would prevent DISASTER.

Forget any hope of peace while the present swamp creatures maintain their control of Washington and the American president. It is they that are humanity’s greatest enemies, not the nations they portray as dangerous, as those nations invade and threaten no-one, unless they are pushed, as is evident today. It is America that provokes and engages in permanent needless wars!

In the above context and cognisant of history, an old adage comes to mind, ‘he who hesitates is lost’ -- that applies to the point I am making about needless aggression and also to a remedy. Indeed, the ‘democractic’ nations have failed the people world wide, obvious; it’s up to us to restore democracy and peace to the world, there’s no escaping it. We are dealing with lunatics that control governments and you’d better believe and prove it for yourselves, reams of proof exist in the public domain verifying all my statements.

Living in hope like slaves only delivers people like Obama, duplicitous liars who are on record, Mr Obama, as saying “... that killing is my strong suit!” Have we had enough of fraudulent, destructive political systems yet, as there will be no second chances next time?

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