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Trump was Installed as President for a Purpose
by jess Tuesday, May 9 2017, 8:38pm
international / prose / post

Notwithstanding that Trump has the political acumen of a gnat and is clearly a puppet of the deep state, which speaks volumes about his spinelessness, he nevertheless serves a purpose, can you guess? Buffoon Trump saturates the western media, which distracts from the real issues and nefarious plans of the deep state, which reduce to nuclear WAR.

Indeed, all the signs exist for this outcome, any aware citizen is able to see past Trumpomania and clearly deduce that the deep state intends to pre-emptively strike Russia and China as they are perceived as threats to the (PNAC) plan for American hegemony or world domination.

The second reason is also evident for those not distracted by a flawed imbecile -- the global economy DIED in 2008, it has been kept twitching on the operating table by QE, printing worthless paper money, a totally unsustainable practice as it forces the house of paper cards to collapse, which occurrence is imminent. So world war here we come, as is obvious if all things published in that regard are considered.

However, if this prospect became the focus of the masses it would disrupt the nefarious plan, so enter puppet Trump who doesn’t possess a political brain cell to bless himself with, but he bathes in the media attention which is orchestrated.

Meanwhile, a pre-emptive strike would occur without warning as surprise is the essential element, and so in a matter of less than an hour, civilisation is destroyed and billions killed while the ruling elites take to their nuclear shelters to sit out the storm THEY created -- now, where are you going to hide, slaves? The option is you are able to stop this event if you wish, but we all know we are servile, hopeless and refuse to take responsibility for our own lives and the planet. So the inevitable is indeed inevitable. Ignore the warnings at your own peril.

Never have so many been led to final destruction by so few!

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