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Sing ...
by jude Wednesday, May 10 2017, 7:49am
international / poetry / post

ur sad and lonely song,
u are not alone
tho u imagine u are

isolated by ur own mind
u have built a prison for urself --

profoundly alone u sing ur haunting song
which fills the hearts of the lost
and forlorn
but u are not alone

i hear and see u suffering for nothing
unable to see u are loved
u left for what? the anxieties of ur upbringing
and tragedies of ur experience which we all
create unknowingly

let it go, all of it, free urself
open ur heart and receive,
love abandons no-one
but u do not know it

ur song reaches to the marrow
such is its haunting power,
but how much more powerful
is the love u deny urself?

we always find what we seek
but few recognise it
and so
now u sing in ur loneliness
for those that do not understand
that love is easy tho we are taught to sabotage
all that gives us life, purpose
and Joy

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