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Trump fires the Man most Responsible for his Ascension to the Presidency
by jaxie Wednesday, May 10 2017, 11:16pm
international / prose / post

FBI director James Comey has been sacked by Trump, and this act regardless of the invaluable assistance that Comey provided in undermining Hillary Clinton by re-opening the investigation into her crass and transparent DISHONESTY, a few weeks before the final vote.

Former FBI Director, James Comey
Former FBI Director, James Comey

Now, if anyone is in any doubt that Trump, the idiot, has any independent presidential authority, the sacking of the FBI director proves otherwise. Need I continue?

The USA is not a democracy, it is ruled by elite (Zionist and a few gentiles) mega-wealthy forces that find political expression through the neocons in Washington that have the USA and most of the western world tightly in their clutches. Voting in the USA is clearly a waste of time as the elite neocon status quo of world domination via military force -- "perpetual war" -- has continued since the time of Bill Clinton without the slightest interruption.

When Trump faced this formidable force and its vile propaganda against him he capitulated like the cowardly dog he actually is, first Flynn, then Bannon, now Comey; so now itís full steam ahead with the WWIII status quo, which the published neocon doctrine (PNAC) clearly highlights.

So what do you intend to do about it, slaves? You are the democratic MAJORITY yet you cower when faced with the empty power of a handful of insane elitists. Your action or inaction will determine your future, as minority elites have made their intentions plain!

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