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How Easily Led?
by justin Thursday, May 11 2017, 11:21pm
international / prose / post

Recently, the alternative and mass media were focusing on US preparations for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on superpowers Russia and China; this proved to be alarming for the deep state, which prefers to work in the dark. So what are all media outlets focusing on today? Trump of course, and his sacking of FBI director James Comey -- how bloody convenient! Focus has now shifted from a critical issue to a nuisance ‘news’-grabbing story with no real substance or world importance.

Now I may be accused of cynicism but these shifts in focus occur far too frequently in relation to really ‘hot’ topics to be a coincidence. In Australia, former conservative and Iraq war criminal PM, John Howard, on advice from his media consultants, employed this tactic on every occasion his policies may have compromised his position, the shift, duly saturating the mass media at the time, was to domestic violence, an emotive and important issue that served to shift the public’s focus away from unpopular political decisions. And so today, rather than maintaining the light it deserves on US preparations for a pre-emptive nuclear strike, which would plunge the world into the stone age or worse, puppet Trump’s deep state handlers have pulled an outrageous manoeuvre out of the 'perception management' bag and of course it worked, as it always does!

Watching these “perception management” tricks from a professional perspective fills me with dread, as the REAL issues deserving of unrelenting focus, WWIII, disappear into the background and from public awareness. I am all too familiar with these media and marketing strategies as I was tertiary trained to employ them, however, unlike my money-grubbing peers, I have a conscience, and would rather see people properly informed NOT manipulated.

My message to the masses is, whenever the privately owned, deep state-serving mass media sensationalise any story at the expense of an important, if not critical issue, THINK, and maintain focus on the IMPORTANT ISSUES. Otherwise, we will all be led like sheep to our ruin!


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