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The Redundancy of Minority Political Leadership
by claire Saturday, May 13 2017, 12:52am
international / prose / post

It is now beyond any doubt that leaders are self-interested and non-representative, this sad fact applies world-wide. Now note that the majority in all nations have the same aspirations, to live in peace and enjoy a productive, fulfilling life. However, intentionally created circumstances rob humanity of its rights, joys and peace, for what? The intoxications of power and wealth, which a non-representative minority refuse to share fairly and equitably; they pursue their addictions and sickness regardless of the horrid costs to the majority.

The world has become a very small place today and so leadership is under intense scrutiny, yet it fails to learn that the greater good is what maintains leadership positions and no nation except maybe Bhutan provides for its people with a degree of happiness and equity. ALL so called civilised societies fail the fairness test, plain to see. And yet the people remain slaves to pain, and CREATED hardships, though they realise that minority elite leadership is a ruse and has failed them completely; yet they are unable to solve the simplest of all problems -- it’s time to end minority elite leadership, OBVIOUS!

No-one can do it alone, even elites must collaborate when they hatch their nefarious plans for turning people against each other and creating conflict (‘perpetual war’) and ongoing massive destruction.

WE are faced today with clear solutions which the overwhelming MAJORITY desire -- which reduce to peace and prosperity for all, easily achieved if we remove the deeply flawed, pathologically lying psychopaths from the power positions in which WE have placed them through our actions (voting for thieves and liars) and inactions, toppling oppressive regimes.

The elites fight it out attempting to reduce their number in order to gain more power and wealth, though always at the expense of the masses. It is we that fight and die in THEIR wars, we know the MAJORITY of people in all nations regardless of creed, prize peace and harmony above all other considerations, as without those essential foundations there is no future for the species.

Humanity must learn now that temporal and psychological barriers are crumbling that anti-life, destructive forces MUST be removed for the good of all.

But be aware that this sick minority, which should be incarcerated, are also aware of the issues which I now encode, though they are obvious to all -- a shrinking world is forcing us all to confront themselves and deal with future survival, however, sick elites would rather destroy to maintain their power and wealth, and today they are able to do this at will without warning the public -- and it is WE that have placed them in power and tolerate their profound psychopathologies, but it is also WE that are easily able to remove them and the forces behind them.

The sooner we remove the forces that are leading us to ruin the sooner we would be able to restore sanity and peace to the world and save our beautiful planet, which is being poisoned daily by the toxins of elite-owned corporations; remember as was said of old, ‘of what benefit to a man if he gains the wealth of the entire world but loses his own soul?’ Indeed, that soul is peaceful, cooperative, harmonious living and a healthy, sustainable HOME planet, which obvious realities elites fail to see, such is the blindness their pathologies inflict. SICK elites are opposed to obvious solutions as they interfere with profit, are contrary to their maniacal greed, selfishness and their pathological need to resort to violence as first option -- sick indeed is this group, plain to see. YET WE -- THE GLOBAL MAJORITY REMAIN HEALTHY MINDED and understand innately the basic principles of survival as all healthy species do.

And so it becomes plain if we intend to survive that unrepresentative minority elite rule must be eradicated for the sake of the greater GOOD. Hold our leaders to account for their crass LIES, false promises and OBVIOUS CRIMES, we are the most powerful social force on the planet and nefarious elites know it, that is why they must keep us divided/powerless with lies and staged acts of aggression, our enemies are NOT each other they are those that would deceive and force us to kill each other for THEIR personal gain.

Do not be deluded or fooled, minority rule has CLEARLY FAILED and we must eradicate it TOGETHER if we intend to survive.

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