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Assessment of Two Competing Nations -- China vs USA
by jake Tuesday, May 16 2017, 10:49am
international / prose / post

You do not cure a disease by treating the symptoms, you must treat the disease itself.

Today, we see two nations at war, and understand that this war involves a lot more than potential bomb throwing. China and America are engaged in a huge economic battle that would see economic dominance shift for the first time since WWII.

China with its one belt one road policy or the new silk road wages this battle characteristic of its age old culture, via business. The new silk road promises prosperity for millions if not billions of people in numerous nations, while the adolescent, delinquent USA also wages its war characteristic of its violent culture, with military intervention.

This clash has now reached the point where the USA is planning a pre-emptive nuclear strike on China and Russia as these two nations form one military alliance. Entertaining any notion of winning a nuclear war is clearly insanity of the first degree yet America sees only what an adolescent nation sees, brute force, while China sees mutual prosperity and co-operation as the best approach for its aim of world economic domination achieved obliquely via business, which of course involves China’s ascension to the most economically powerful nation on earth and of course with economic power comes huge influence, such power is easily translated to other forms of influence and power.

The reality of this conflict is apparent to all professional analysts and commentators as is the inevitable conclusion, China, if not stopped, would prevail. And so America intends to stop China at any cost, like a child that must have its own way and refuses to entertain the notion of equality and sharing -- it simply is not the American way to do so as is evident in America’s very short historical record.

For those not familiar with the new silk road plan, freelance journalist, Pepe Escobar’s articles serve to inform though his bias against violent, selfish America is evident -- notwithstanding, which rational person could blame him for his bias? Nonetheless, in every other aspect he covers the new silk road plan eloquently and clearly. This plan is no longer theory or an idea it has been in the making with Russia’s full support for over a decade, so much for western mainstream ‘news,’ which is merely a device for un-informing the masses and leading people to false conclusions completely divorced from reality, read Escobar’s latest piece here and then search the author’s name on this site for more of his work detailing how and why this plan is poised for success while America continues to engage in destructive, illegal, unnecessary wars, as that is all it knows, which perversion Americans imagine would make ‘America great again’ not ruin the nation as history proves time and again that all warring nations inevitably fail.

Consider China’s history to understand it cultural perspective. China, in its long history, has never ventured outside its borders to violently overthrow any other nation, it has always preferred to trade peacefully instead, while America makes a habit of invasive wars, chaos and resource theft. Pick which nation you would prefer to deal with, the world’s leading civilian killing terrorist nation or an emerging business and trade superpower.

Indeed, nations that follow America would follow it into the pit, as is becoming more obvious to vassal nations daily, particularly Australia though its racist and xenophobic insecurities maintain a tight hold on its perceived paternal protector, and in that regard it is not too difficult to understand that America and its “pax-Americana” doctrine, could care less for anything other than itself, proved time and again by backstabs to former allies. America is the least trustworthy nation on earth followed by Russia. Whereas China even though it is maligned daily by the American media to its vassals, remains friendly to all its trading partners as mutual gain is the outcome.

China's enormous wealth is based on the real economy -- PRODUCTION -- while America’s wealth is based on paper shuffling and printing worthless paper money which the world subscribes to as the international default trade currency, BUT for how much longer?

America’s current leader is a cowardly buffoon who knows jack about politics and how the world runs, furthermore Trump has already sold out his former chosen political friends, stabbing them in the back in the process, which is typical American behaviour, whereas China’s leader Xi has earned his leadership role and is tempered by the process of hard knocks and dealing with astute competitors all vying for the role of leadership in the party.

Xi is shrewd and honours his contracts, word and obligations to other nations but Trump is a PROVEN pathological LIAR and coward, who stabs his former friends in the back and now takes orders from the un-elected nefarious deep state -- who would you rather deal with?

Xi answers to no secret cabal, Trump now serves the lunatic neocons whose policy is nuclear war to prevent any nation challenging America’s rapidly declining supremacy. Indeed, America is in fact its own worst enemy as it fails to apprehend the broader geopolitical picture and dynamics.

Most of the world’s population and wealth are in nations already in agreement with the overall new silk road policy. China offers huge development projects and prosperity to all involved nations while America’s own state infrastructure is left to rot in order for a tiny 1% minority to gain wealth. I could go on but I do not wish to overload the pea, delusional brains of information-deprived Americans and their western vassal allies

I would rather leave it to readers to research and arrive at their own REALITY-based conclusions.

Have a nice reality based day if you are able to free yourselves from the feeble lies, transparent fabrications and Trump-saturated western, CFR directed, media.

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