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Why is Incompetent Unrepresentative Government Tolerated Throughout the Western World?
by baz Monday, Jun 19 2017, 12:01am
international / prose / post

Indeed, that is the 64 million dollar question as reality dictates that the PEOPLE remain in power but refuse to exercise THEIR democratic prerogatives.


Now notice how the privately owned mass media deals with the West London fires, which killed close to 80 citizens and the recent Portugal forest fire that killed over 60 innocent citizens -- now note, people in government are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for these deaths which dwarf the recent terrorist deaths, sensationalised in the press. It would seem that deaths directly caused by government incompetence, though they drastically outnumber terrorist related deaths, are acceptable, a matter of course, something unavoidable, part of life, NATURAL -- well, CRAP!

Clearly the West London fire was the result of corrupt government, local and regional, working with their big business developer mates in order to maximise THEIR profit, which corporate entities, conservative governments slavishly serve, and the Portugal forest fire was ALSO the result of shoddy/appalling fire prevention and safety practices, which also occurred in Australia in 2003 and threatened the nationís political capital. All these OBVIOUS failures are clearly scandalous, yet no-one in government is ever held to account, Ďamazing!í Whereas the media goes into hysterics about the so-called terrorist Ďthreatí and imposes evermore restrictions on the masses as though they are culpable. Now, if you donít smell a rat, there is something wrong with your nose and brain,

Why should the public be outraged over terrorist deaths and NOT deaths caused directly and indirectly by corrupt government?

Are you ready for the TRUTH, are YOU able to handle unemotional raw TRUTH, as distinct from media management fantasy and sensationalism? The answer is that the MAJORITY of people are cowardly, sheepish slaves, they refuse to accept responsibility for their own lives and prefer corrupt unrepresentative government instead, choosing between two loathed candidates is absurd in ANY democracy, as the nature of REAL democracy is REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT, which exists nowhere on earth. Suck on that reality you spineless wimps.

Y/OUR failure to participate and make DEMANDS on y/our elected representatives and force the issue, is why things are as they are -- absolutely appalling. The failure is CLEARLY OURS for NOT standing up to the thoroughly corrupt unrepresentative status quo.

While you quiver in FEAR in escapist media supplied 'corners,' watching TV etc, from hyped minor threats which are easily dealt with with good policing, you are being screwed to such an extent that itís almost in-credible. However, that is how it is, I can scarcely believe it, as only a few decades past, outraged masses demanded the resignation of corrupt US presidents and marched on capitals for civil rights and to stop needless, for profit wars, which RAGE today -- you see, moral outrage and direct ACTION are lacking, WHY? Cowardice and digital alienation and most of all because YOU donít give a shit -- so what other results would you expect? Well, more oppression from government and less competence/ability, which is so apparent today with the likes of D. Trump and T. May it canít be missed by the entire global population, not even by the most retreating denialist types.

So there YOU have it. The short and accurate answer is WE have failed OURSELVES -- expect nothing but the worst as a RESULT. Furthermore, WE deserve everything we get. The clear option of course is participate and ACT in order to save our ourselves/societies, which are falling apart at the seams, particularly in the USA and UK. But we already know COWARDS are incapable -- prove me wrong, you spineless gastrics, because Iím NOT, and YOU KNOW IT!

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