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How Zionists Rule America and the Western World
by zed Monday, Jun 19 2017, 11:58pm
international / prose / post

America is nose-ringed by Zionists, it is an independent state in name only as it’s clearly in the economic grip of Zionist mega-bankers, the foremost being the Rothschilds -- preposterous the uninformed would be inclined to blurt, not so, check which families and mega-banks OWN the ‘Federal Reserve,’ which prints the US dollar and you too would discover the Truth of the very real Zionist grip on the State.

Imagine if you would, the travesty of allowing non-government, unrepresentative private interests to own the Federal Reserve in today’s money based world! Put simply if you own the currency making and valuing process you own states that subscribe to that currency. Now realise that the greenback is the world’s default trading currency and you would begin to SEE how it’s done.

It is outrageous to the extreme that ANY private interests should have such sway over international affairs, but then the Rothschilds, using criminal and scurrilous means, had no difficulty “appropriating” (Karl Marx, another Jew) the Bank of England some centuries past.

Now understand that the Zionist Rothschilds were instrumental in creating the state of Israel, a STOLEN state from Palestinian lands, similar to the ILLEGAL amputation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia prior to its fragmentation by (Zionist) American forces, which do not tolerate any nation being truly independent. And note that since the early relatively small “appropriation” (THEFT) of Israel from Palestine, Jews have been steadily ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their own land by grossly illegal land grabs, notwithstanding the constant, unjustified use of extreme violence by Israeli forces.

Now be aware that Saudi Arabia, a fundamentalist Arab state has aligned itself with ISRAEL against Palestinian Arabs and OTHER Arab nations, the latest being Qatar, and it is easily appreciated that a nefarious agenda/plan exists. Notwithstanding that the Saudi’s are in reality the most subversive, of Arabs, state in the entire world, plain to SEE. The reason for this traitorous relationship is because the vast Saudi oil wealth is largely held in US dollars, which is the property and plaything of Zionist bankers.

Now consider what happened to Gaddafi when he threatened to return to the gold standard and had the means to do so, instant death at the hands of Zionist puppets, the US and NATO, that is the fear this nefarious minority has of losing its financial grip.

Now note that every major US corporation is dependent on huge financial loans from Wall St mega-banks directly connected to the world’s largest banks, as is the current president of the USA, Donald Trump, who is in debt up to his eyeballs to these banks and financial institutions and you begin to understand why Trump now tap dances for the financial elites rather than serve the people/nation. Also bear in mind that the Federal Reserve is a banking cartel connected to every Reserve Bank in the western and most of the eastern world, in other words it’s all one financial entity though it appears as many; and now if you're a good researcher, as I’m not about to spoon-feed, as you then would dismiss it, you would discover that almost the entire world is in the grip of a few Jewish banking families, though the Rockefellers are a gentile exception but a minor one that is forced to go along with the larger Zionist players.

Now consider the absurdity of Saudi Arabia and Israel as allies for a minute, that partnership defies reason, but the Saudis are aware they must comply with Zionist owned/controlled America, which utilises it’s dollar to enslave and control other nations economically.

The next absurdity is that the USA has a fighting military presence in Syria, which is ENTIRELY and grossly illegal, as they were never legally invited to occupy or conduct warfare in Syria, especially against Syrian state forces and al-Assad, who is the democratically ELECTED president of Syria, though you would rarely hear or see that fact in the privately owned western mass media. This interventionist military outrage breaks so many international laws and conventions it is a tragic joke that no nation is able to FACE THE LEGAL TRUTH of the matter and confront the on-going perpetual war strategy, published for the world to read and examine in the PNAC document, written by undisguised Zionist, Paul Wolfowitz, who was educated in Chicago by Leo Strauss another avowed Zionist Jew.

One could go on for thousands of pages in numerous related directions -- none of which are good or lend themselves to democracy, freedom and peace. But rather than ramble, please research the matter and prove it for yourselves, you would be shocked and sickened as a result.

So, the most practical approach is of course to deal with the problem DIRECTLY and eliminate economic slavery for good, and insist that the elected US government regain control and ownership of its national CURRENCY.

The Federal Reserve network, which accounts for the vast majority of Reserve Banks in the western world, would not recover from this strategy, which the people are easily able to demand and implement via real representation. America and most of the world would then be finally FREE of the nefarious forces which are behind all the major (perpetual) WARS, engineered debt slavery, and climate impacting corporate pollution on OUR precious EARTH.

Striking at the financial root of economic SLAVERY would clearly END the rule of the Zionist minority that are causing so much unnecessary grief on this planet.

If we wish to free ourselves from the evil grip of mass murdering, money-grubbing Zionist psychopaths, we are easily able to do it by electing REAL REPRESENTATIVES of the PEOPLE into office WORLD-WIDE. No force on earth could stop this process, though nuclear war is the last card the Zionist would use, but it would also be their death knell, and THEY know it!

So make YOUR choice, freedom or continuing unnecessary hardship and slavery. You see, masters cannot exist without slaves and slavery is essentially an (media) indoctrinated state of mind before it becomes a physical reality. However, YOUR mind is your own, and that REALITY is obvious.

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