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Trump, Debt Slave
by reg Tuesday, Jun 20 2017, 11:07pm
international / prose / post

Donald Trump’s debt to large banks and financial institutions exceeds his net wealth, which would vaporise if his debts were called. Is that cause for concern for the American people? You better believe it.

The entire frothing, created Russian ‘scandal,’ based on media hysteria and no real proof whatsoever to date, is a distraction and nothing compared to his personal and business debts.

As a consequence the REAL threat to the independence of the president is not external, the banks and financial institutions have him by the proverbial balls. Now, if a leader of any nation is compromised by ENORMOUS debt then he is clearly subject to the whims of others. This situation is unacceptable for any national leader, as is obvious. So why the focus on an irrelevancy (Russia) when REALITY is far more alarming for the nation?

Trump is a DEBT SLAVE, and is therefore SUBJECT, pure and simple. That is of more concern than any other consideration as to his fitness to remain in office; no previous president has ever been in a similar situation, and so American leadership is already compromised. Though the elite owned mass media would never focus on ‘unpleasant’ REALITIES that jeopardise the tenure of their PUPPETS. The privately owned mass media’s primary role today is distraction and propaganda, as most of the free world is already AWARE.

If you want the truth which is available, then search and you will find it -- passively consuming packaged, fabricated, distorted ‘news’ is no longer viable for any real democratic nation. Trump hysteria, for or against, is clearly a planned distraction from the grossly illegal activities of the Deep State in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So who really rules the USA, you tell me? A president must be free of ALL external influences, and don’t give me the crap that it’s normal to be in DEBT because it isn’t, debt slavery was planned, engineered and implemented in the 80‘s as a means to manage and contain populations; history and memory notes that the 60‘s were indeed overflowing with money from the top to the bottom of society, I was there and almost no-one was struggling to survive, unlike today.

So to conclude with a question, have we had enough of engineered debt slavery for the masses, as there is no relative difference in national wealth, only its inequitable distribution, as is plain to see?

It’s time for real democracy and real representative government to stop political puppets serving their elite wealth-hogging masters, a situation only populations are able to remedy -- in other words, have we had enough of the inequitable status quo YET?

Have a nice enslaved day.

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