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Syriaís Armageddon Moment
by bluey Thursday, Jun 22 2017, 8:21am
international / prose / post

Religious fanatics world wide must be licking their deranged theological chops in anticipation of Armageddon, which is likely after the downing of a Syrian bomber attacking ISIS, by US forces illegally occupying Syria; but what has corrupted international LAW courts got to do with anything these days -- they were all politicised during the criminal Balkan campaign?


First, this action by the USA was no accident it was and is a CLEAR provocation which is hoped would draw Russia into direct conflict with the USA, which nation is rapidly losing its hold on empire.

And so the last (nuclear) card has been played by the lunatic yanks, nuclear war, which the nut cases in the Pentagon imagine they could Ďwin,í not that they have much choice, itís all unravelling at the seams for America, which nationís influence and economic power is but a shadow of its former post WWII self. Indeed, the writing is on the military and economic wall, so America, in rapid decline internationally and locally, has decided to engage Russia and possibly China before it loses all. But note, this scenario is/was not unexpected, as the yanks have published all their intentions, Ďgeniuses!í So most of the world has already prepared for it though it all hinges on Putin the mouse and how he will respond.

So lets look at a few possibilities. Of course if he was an American he would have already launched a counter strike and the war would be underway, but of course he comes from a very old culture and experienced empire and so expect the unexpected. However, Putin has always misjudged the USA and allowed them huge latitude in their clearly criminal, threatening and destructive pursuits, while of course making his usual mouse squeaks and doing nothing to deter the scourge of the civilised world.

Putin must face the fact that war is inevitable and that if he doesnít take this bait then the US would overtly and brazenly attack abandoning all pretense -- as previously stated they imagine they have no other choice and would prevail, itís either lead or die for moron America. And so America has chosen to die.

Now, America has no hope against the combined military strength of China and Russia, a known fact, so they must be playing on the chance (or knowledge) that China, traditionally loathing international wars, may sit it out, not fully aware they would be next or hoping that America and Russia would cripple themselves to such an extent in the conflict that all China would need to do is clean up and dominate the world by default. Interesting, and highly speculative but never underestimate human stupidity born of desperation, notwithstanding that everyone is a dunce when it comes to doomsday scenarios.

However, the obvious solution, which should have already been taken, except for Putinís reticence or corruption, is A PRE-EMPTIVE COMBINED STRIKE ON THE USA AND ITS EUROPEAN ALLIES BY RUSSIA AND CHINA. This is why fundamentalist Christians, Muslims and other millennialist religions are comfortable with a nuclear conflict, so social opposition would be at a minimum, the funda-fuckwits all imagine that their respective, man made Gods would save them, thatís my reason for promoting such a conflict -- the world would be relieved of these and other oxygen-wasting morons, and good riddance to them; of course the informed, like the elites have their Ďsheltersí or more accurately Ďsafe zonesí located around the globe. So morons, run to your delusional Gods as fast as you can and be sure to quote from all the religious texts that men wrote while doing so -- lol. Could you blame me for my attitude?

But to return to the situation confronting the entire world today -- that is America is getting weaker while other nations are getting stronger and overtaking it in every field -- too many hamburgers and other processed corporate foods and Big Pharma drugs no doubt -- lol.

Now readers do not kid yourselves, America has actually been straining at the bit to provoke Russia into a war and itís running out of time. The perfect president for this enterprise has also recently been installed, who better to take deep state elite orders and appear as though he is in command than buffoon Trump? Itís all going according to elite plans.

From a professional analysts view its a done deal, and forgive me for not listing ALL the indicators, you should already know, as it has been published by the star-spangled aggressor, every aspect of it. Though itís all delusional. But that fact does not prevent it from occurring.

The masses have failed in their democratic responsibilities and so we are led by cunning psychopaths today, so donít cry for ĎArgentinaí or America.

We could speculate until the moronic bovines come home, however, time is precious so here it is -- nuclear war is inevitable, though blind freddy continues to live up to his name, and there is only one chance for any of the players - A PRE-EMPTIVE, DEVASTATING NUCLEAR STRIKE. So letís see if Putin and Xi are able to apprehend the urgency and understand their opponent this time. Hesitation in these circumstances is of course suicide. So now place your bets, which nation would launch first, itís a given! ďHe who hesitates is lostĒ -- the cat is already out of the bag and eating you pet parakeet -- rofl. Gawd, this is fun. So morons where do you stand, do you see NOW where your APATHY and cowardice has led?

So bring it on Deep State and Pentagon, you canít lose, or could you? You will never know unless you try, easy.


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