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Nero and Trump -- the Similarities are Striking
by darcy Saturday, Jun 24 2017, 1:34am
international / prose / post

Emperor Nero played a musical instrument while Rome was intentionally consumed in flames, indeed, Trump twitters while America burns. However, the flames that consume America are not fire, they are inequality, wealth disparity, corruption, and the utter insanity of State pursing perpetual war. You see, there is a background story to the Nero legend and its similarities to the Trump presidency are a mirror image.


Nero was advised by his inner group of incompetent officials to make Rome ‘great again,’ in this instance, it was a redesign of the city with more modern aqueducts and other engineering and design ‘improvements,’ as the old city’s infrastructures were failing; however, the blinded by greed and socially inept stupid elite advisors had one problem, what to do with the existing city of Rome? So, in their arrogance they proposed to ‘create a situation’ which would allow them to implement their plan -- at whatever cost to the local population -- what did they care for the fate of the population, they were the ruling elite! Now note the similarity between ancient Romans, completely dependent on the ‘bread and circuses’ of the State and today’s slave populations in the western world, but particularly in media captured, circus America.

And so the catastrophic plan was initiated, burn Rome and rebuild -- though of course it failed. Now note coincidentally, this is the plan of today’s Deep State, which is attempting to provoke Russia into a devastating conflict in order to ‘rebuild’ and cure their failed economy and numerous other related social problems/failures. So burn America burn and most of the population with it, as did the citizens of Rome. Always research the back-story if you wish to understand anything.

Trump’s advisors are today the same type of criminal imbeciles that advised Nero to burn and rebuild Rome in order to make it great again, the means employed are the same, DESTRUCTION; both elites are/were faced with resistance from the people if their plans were/are known openly. And so America insanely pursues war with Russia, to ‘solve’ its problems. ALL empires if analysed, follow similar patterns and their fall/failures ALWAYS begin WITHIN.

And so Trump, as inept, vain and empty headed as Nero, is taking the advice of his lunatic advisors, imagining that WAR would solve his now overwhelming problems and make him and the nation great.

Note, if history teaches us anything, it’s that it repeats itself, over and over again because it is shaped by the human condition. So no more mysteries modern slaves, which are about to pay the ultimate price for their subservience to nefarious and criminally insane leaders. Nuclear war will ravage the earth and kill most of its population, while ruling elites hide in their five-star shelters mutually masturbating over THEIR FAILED plan.

So where are you going to hide, enslaved, EXPENDABLE, MORONS? Well, you needn’t hide, as you are the only force able to alter the course of the nation -- it’s a matter of unified action and taking responsibility for your own lives and the future of your nation.

Keep watching Trump's twitter account or ACT to save your expendable, worthless lives.

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