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by dulcimer Saturday, Jun 24 2017, 9:05am
international / poetry / post

they fall and tumble
in mathematical precision
not equations but notes/music
the music i see, hear
and taste

darting at times then slowly flowing
like distant galaxies
the constant rhymes and rhythms of

transported and carried to where
the symphony leads with the precision
of a rose before it blooms
or lightning before it strikes
knowing beforehand what will happen
as the music leads in clear directions

tap those jewelled keys pluck those strings
let sound resonate forever, how easy it is
to understand sound, colour
and the form they make
as Life

play the secret chords and arouse
the sleeping wheels of life
that merge into white light,
seven octaves issuing
from one primordial sound
and returning to it

who or what could miss it?
only those that inhabit

i see you as sigil distilled to ur essential form
represented as geometry that associates
specific sounds with every
overlapping geometric form
i know ur name the name hidden by ur ignorance

deep in this myriad called everything nothing escapes
reduction to its essential nature,
can u not see?
of course not
u inhabit the plane of the blind, deaf and mute

if u stand before a locked door
with a key in ur hand
surely the next step is obvious
but not here in this
nightmare called civilised society
where only darkness, ignorance
and violence prevail

unlock urself and see what is Real
clean ur senses of the media filth
that dulls and captures,
free urself and Fly --
u only appear as a limited terrestrial being
though u have issued from ALL
and to all u will return
if u take the road u have pre-scribed
for urself, no-one is able to return by any other
means or avenue, your way outward
is also Your way Home if u unlock urself
and range Free

this is not a poem, it's a Promise

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