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Colour Revolution -- made in America for America
by cyd Wednesday, Aug 2 2017, 6:09am
international / prose / post

Colour revolutions as we have known them are a cesspool of CIA, deep state and NGO intrigues designed to replace a foreign national leader with a compliant Washington lackey. Numerous international governments have been successfully removed by this tried and tested method.

Now note the methods. First the leader’s reputation must be trashed either with the truth, and if no compromising material exists, then completely fabricated charges which are spewed from the mass media 24/7 until the big lie becomes accepted. Street agents/agitators are then deployed, sent in to mobilise a prepared percentage of the local population for revolt and you have the Ukraine fascist revolution, Kosovo and the Yugoslav fragmentation, Georgia, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and numerous other weak nations -- easy pickings!

Now compare the siege against Trump following all the tried and tested colour revolution methodologies. The Russian hack and accusations of Russian interference in the election is total crap, not a shred of real evidence exists supporting the claim/fabrication; add Trump’s Russian business contacts spewed almost 24/7 in the US media and you have a compromising situation. Coincidence? Obviously not. The reason is because the same people/group [neocons] that were/are involved in numerous external political (colour) disruptions are responsible for ALL the attacks on the Trump presidency - it seems the neocons never got over their golden-haired, hand picked girl losing the election and have sworn vengeance. Neocons are very sore losers indeed, but losers they are.

Launching this internal colour revolution against the sitting president has done immense damage to the USA and its international standing in record time. Now, you would imagine that the interests and international standing of the American nation would unify all opposing political groups for the sake of the nation -- BUT as we witness daily, the neocons think nothing of the damage they are causing the nation as their manic and incredibly destructive pursuit of Trump clearly indicates.

Of course the CFR controlled American mass media would never put 2+2 together and do some investigative journalism and ‘discover’ what most political commentators (but not the public) are aware of -- that the US deep state, which is almost wholly controlled by the neocons, is now the enemy of the American people and State! There is a very valid and provable reason Trump’s White has been hamstrung.

With that established, it is clear that Trump is no match for the neocons, instead of draining the swamp of neocons and other associated subversives, Trump admits defeat which his appeasement to the ‘permanent war’ hawks indicates; how many new wars would compliant Trump put his signature to? Answer, as many as the nutter war hawks/neocons wish to pursue. You see, the neocons zealously believe in ‘pax-Americana’ or world hegemony via military aggression -- arch neoconservative Richard Perle is on record for saying, “what’s the point of having nuclear weapons if you don’t use them.” Pragmatic but totally insane.

But please Americans, remain ignorant, passive and watch while this nefarious, insane, anti-American group destroys your nation. Of course you could help Trump drain the swamp, but that would require a modicum of courage and conviction. Therefore, America’s future is as easy to read as a ‘comic book.’ A cowardly, slave population and now a slave (puppet) president, just how the neocons like it!

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