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Who is Responsible?
by claire Thursday, Aug 3 2017, 12:50am
international / prose / post

Take a good look around, runaway climate change, social discord, national leader comic book characters that know very little if anything about international politics. Nations are run by millionaire and billionaire elitists that pretend to represent the people -- what a tragic joke it all is. So the question begs, who is responsible for the current status quo and appalling global state of affairs?

Clearly, a handful of mega-wealthy elitists in power are no match for even one nationís population let alone the entire global population, which continues to suffer unnecessary wars, misery and hardships due to the avarice of the rich that make profits from these mass murdering 'enterprises'.

Who is responsible for the HUGE wealth disparity gaps in the western world? How did the criminal rich manage to suck the blood from their nations and world without consequence? Indeed, the PEOPLE have failed time and again to act to preserve their rights, freedoms and fair share. Real average wages have been stagnant world-wide for decades while corporate/banker sector incomes have sky-rocketed to outrageous amounts, which do not reflect performance but rather insider collusion -- itís all plain to see as itís in everyoneís face DAILY!

The truth of the matter is always simple, though great efforts by ruling elites (via the media they own) to distort and distract have succeeded in duping the masses. Austerity is not necessary, it is a means whereby profits are concentrated in the fewest possible hands. Whenever any politician screams austerity, respond by shouting EQUITY, or force leaders to lead by example and reduce their ill-gotten wealth. No-one dictates living standards to anyone, if your living standards have suffered then you are responsible for allowing national wealth to be concentrated. The Australian millionaire PM granted $50 billion in tax breaks to the corporate sector while education and essential services suffer, the same applies in the USA and other western nations. Did we see any action from the public regarding these obvious injustices? NO, notwithstanding that previous generations fought for fair wages and their inalienable rights.

Are they (ruling elites) putting something in water supplies beside fluoride? No, the means they utilise to dupe, distort, pacify and manage crowds is their mass media, which spews propaganda, misinformation and distractions 24/7 to maintain the masses in a comatose, passive, delusional state; few people are even aware of reality these days and when confronted with it, the shock translates to disbelief yet REALITY is the only REALity !

All well and good if you wish to be an ignorant slave but if you want fairness, equity, justice and a sustainable future, you will have to fight for it, as allowing the status quo to continue spells utter RUIN.

Indeed, we are all responsible for our lives unless of course we forfeit our responsibility to self-interested, deceitful, criminal (proven) minorities, which group could be dealt with overnight.

And donít give me that defeatist baloney about, ĎI am only one personí -- as I would remind you that the human species COOPERATED since it emerged from the caves to become the dominant species of the planet. So there you have it, who or what is preventing the natural tendency to cooperate for the greater good? Tune in to your TV and view it for what it is, a divisive, anti-social mechanism that demonises the other and pushes the individual rather than the GROUP. Had that (the individual) been the ethic in early human development we would still be living in caves.

We MUST take responsibility for OUR lives AND the lives of others -- elites, unfairness and conflict cannot exist in these circumstances. Need I labour the point? We are a social species pure and simple, and only by social action would we be able to restore our nations and planet -- passivity and inaction are no longer options for survival.

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