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Neocons: The Enemy Within
by jake Friday, Aug 4 2017, 11:02pm
international / prose / post

Trump has already deferred his presidential prerogatives and authority to the Pentagon, the CIA and other agencies, ALL servile to the global financial elite, which group is manically profit-only driven but with a good dash of insanity.

Leo Strauss and his neocon band, including nutters Paul Wolfowtiz and Richard Perle
Leo Strauss and his neocon band, including nutters Paul Wolfowtiz and Richard Perle

The “Chicago boys” as dubya Bush once referred to Leo Strauss and his group, founder of the Zionist neocons and Milton ‘laissez faire’ Friedman, whose absurd 'trickle down' economic policy proved a miserable failure but allowed elites to capture most of the WORLD’S available wealth now unquestionably rule America and hence all western nations.

Neocons zealously pursue world domination via military force, as their manifesto, PNAC, clearly outlines; it’s all been published and is easily accessed with a modicum of research/investigation. In other words, deep state America is as easy to read as a elementary school text.

However, the privately (elite) owned western media counters reality with distortions, fantasy, propaganda, LIES, omissions and ‘tit-tainment,’ which results in a comatose American public easily led in any direction the CFR chooses, though clearly that direction is always war, conflict and more profits for the elites at any cost to civilians. There are no real secrets in relation to America and the forces that determine its destructive course, it’s an open book.

Since the neocons slithered into power during George Bush’s presidency they have established a firm hold on Washington, particularly on foreign policy, which is what? WAR and global economic and military conquest -- NOTHING ELSE!

However, the unbridled greed of the now unregulated elites resulted in the destruction of the global economy in 2008; it has never recovered. It is kept seemingly alive by ‘Quantitative Easing, (QE) which reduces to over-printing worthless, un-pegged, non-production based, paper money -- CLEARLY an untenable ‘solution’, as no economy is able to exist without a production base foundation which adds real value to paper notes.

Currency MUST be supported by PRODUCTION or commodities, not Wall Street paper shuffling, as has been the case for some decades. And in this regard the USA and those nations foolish enough to support the greenback are economically doomed. Which fact leaves the US with one last card, the military. And so, in effect the USA is caught in its own corruption and has boxed itself into only one mode of expression, WAR, which corrupt elites hope will solve all their corruption created problems, remember, they have five star nuclear shelters, we don’t, but what do they care they have already killed and displaced tens of millions of innocent civilians without a thought.

Now, as the once popular song lyric suggests, “War, what is it good for? NOTHING!” We all know it. The world is sick to literal death of America’s needless wars and its manic pursuit of military conquest but as is easily appreciated it has no choice today. So how easy is it to read this rustic nation -- too fuckin’ easy, providing you never watch the mass media, which is easily done as the digital revolution now provides alternative sources that actually support reality/truth and other VERIFIABLE material -- though one must steer clear of whackos like Alex Jones and his ilk, easily done. Quality news is distinct and it provides proof and other references, unlike the clowns that spout garbage using the same principles as the mass media, which are, NO PROOF REQUIRED, just endless repetition.

It should be clear that America has no REAL external threats, in fact Putin and Xi would like nothing more than good constructive relations with America, something that will never occur without first eliminating the enemy within, the NEOCONS and their support base.

If Americans fail to see the signs and do not act to restore their hijacked nation then clearly they face total ruin as the neocons are preparing for WAR as I write. So expect what you begged for by not supporting your nation in a real internal crisis. Neither China, Russia nor any other sane nation desires WAR, only the neocons and deep state apparatuses manically pursue it.

The FACT remains, all external “threats” are western mass media PRODUCTS, unless otherwise provoked by America to the point of retaliation. No substantial proof of any of the alarmist media claims has been offered to date, it’s all hype to prepare comatose Americans to die in a nuclear holocaust. You should all remember the now proven LIES Washington spouted about Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. If the neocons are not stopped, and a real representative leader president is not installed nuclear war is inevitable.

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