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For Those That Imagine Otherwise
by suzie Sunday, Aug 6 2017, 12:40am
international / prose / post

For the uninformed that either do not understand the treacherous power of the US Deep State or disregard it as fanciful, consider how it assassinated JFK and framed patsy Oswald; after which, the same nefarious group killed his brother Robert. Coincidence? Not likely, the Kennedy’s vigorously opposed the CIA and other Deep State forces and so they were murdered by the Deep State along with MLK and numerous others in a spate of assassinations and murders of political and even pop star activists, including Hendrix, as a London hospital employee exposed -- indeed Mr “business man” (oligarchs and plutocrats) don’t point your plastic finger at me! RIP, Jimi.

This same anti-American, self-interested group of heinous white-collar criminals have today succeeded in hijacking the entire US government and its most critical institutions while slobs watching TV have no idea.

It does not require much research to determine that all the wars since the Clinton-Bush administrations have been orchestrated and based on fabricated LIES. Now ask yourself why no-one has been held to account for these most monstrous crimes, which resulted in the death of millions of men, women and innocent children and the displacement of millions more.

If the above isn’t enough to assist you in extracting your thumb from your arse, consider the illegality under numerous international laws and conventions of the U.S. HOSTILE presence in Syria -- and then ask why no court has so much as whimpered about this overt and brazen illegality; however, perceived US enemies are hauled before politicised Hague courts to die in custody, after which forced deaths, they are exonerated of all crimes -- I refer to Milosevic, the so-called “Balkan butcher,” found innocent of all trumped up charges AFTER his death. However, the deep state succeeded in their plan to fragment Yugoslavia and illegally appropriate Kosovo for Albanian criminal syndicates.

The list continues to the horizon, such are the many crimes of the US deep state, yet the public remain paralysed in the face of the greatest enemy the USA has ever faced, the enemy within!

Until this cancerous, anti-American (they are globalists) mass murdering force is surgically removed from the nation -- justice and fair play will never ever again be known to the American people.

Indeed, this is not a clash of civilisations -- it is a clash of the American people against a malevolent criminal force -- when an entire nation is in the tight grip of a criminal elite the only effective solution must issue from the people. There is nowhere else to turn -- you would ALL realise this soon enough, as recent and yet to be recorded history is my witness.

Now consider why today’s mass media omits images, stories and all content relating to the mayhem, bloodletting and ruination of foreign States by America and you may begin to realise that the monumental fix is in. Yet we also know that the stranglehold the deep state has on the nation today would never have occurred without the apathy of the population.

And so we must all accept responsibility for the numerous heinous crimes of the deep state we all failed to eliminate. Furthermore, the deep state is aware that its handiwork has resulted in a non-viable future, so guess what they are planning as I write? These criminal psychopaths actually believe they could 'win' a nuclear war. And so we have all unquestionably earned our irradiated future reward.

The deep state is THE problem and we are the ONLY solution, FACT!

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