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If Ever There Was a TIME ...
by james Wednesday, Aug 9 2017, 12:40am
international / prose / post

Today we are facing either total nuclear destruction or grass roots revolution to restore democracy, our governments and a sustainable planet, though the later, according to most commentators, seems unlikely, but is it?


Americans and the world rightfully view Trump as an incompetent narcissist and child, bellowing his tantrums out loud for the world to see how an empire with everything going for it, is self-destructing. The latest outburst from Trump is his “fire and brimstone” threat levelled at North Korea. A typically childish outburst when cool heads and astute politics are required.

Trump of course is matched by Kim jong-un, who has Trump’s measure and is making a tragic mockery of the latest lying, thoroughly incompetent president of the most powerful nation on earth, or is it? Clearly not, as Trump, a complete political dunce and tantrum prone child, leads the nation. By comparison, whatever the western mass media leads you to believe about North Korea, Asians are smarter and more cunning than occidentals, as is demonstrated daily by Kim jong-un running rings around Trump and his idiot neocon/Pentagon handlers/advisers, sure guys, bring on WWIII, you bereft of intelligence clowns.

But these are merely symptoms of a society in rapid decline/decay, yes, America is on the brink, and the smart money knows it. But how to deal with the many internal problems and escalating social unrest? Indeed, revolutions are largely the result of ruling elite mismanagement, however, the people seem slow to grasp the point, which is clear to international nations/populations. America's manic pursuit of perpetual war, has a very fast use-by date, add to that the diminished living conditions, collapsing infrastructure and stagnant wages of the USA and you have half the formula for revolution but what is the trigger point?

It will not come from the people, Trump and his lunatic war-monger advisers must be allowed to trigger a nuclear war, as nothing else could shake the American people from their torpor and delusions. Americans unlike numerous Christian and Muslim cultures fear death to the extreme, whereas Asians understand that death is merely a consequence of life and a transition. Asians traditionally have much less fear of death as they understand a superior cosmology, Buddhism reflects much of Asia’s wisdom in this regard.

So we have a value advantage in Asia and with European/Russian Slavs and of course Muslims world-wide, all of which groups America has violently confronted, which does nothing for its popularity, in fact America is the most detested nation on earth due to its massively destructive, interfering, criminal interventions. Another reason to urge Trump to war, is almost the entire world would turn on America and bomb it to oblivion -- good riddance once and for ALL, though America in typical fashion would attempt to take as many with it as possible BUT it would fail to survive as the percentages are with Asia and Russia, even in a total nuclear holocaust.

So Mr idiot US president put up or shut up, you are already internationally seen as a blustering buffoon, not fit to run a brothel. Remember Americans a national leader truly reflects the state of the nation he/she leads.

Nevertheless, we must acknowledge the minimal chance that the American people may indeed revolt and restore their nation -- but I would not lay bets on it myself -- never have I seen such a frightened, easily intimidated/led population, history also verifies as much.

So, what’s the TIME Mr America? It may be time to DIE.

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