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It May Be Time To Shoot Trump
by mitch Friday, Aug 11 2017, 7:03am
international / prose / post

The American people in their lack of wisdom have placed a nutter in the White House with executive powers that enable a demented, UNSTABLE, ranting clown to trigger a nuclear war, clearly there is no measure to fathom the lack of intelligence of the American people. That said, the onus is now placed on the global population, all of which are affected by an AMERICAN madman with his finger on the doomsday button.

If saner minds in the US do not intervene soon then of course others will. You have no right to threaten the lives of me and my family, so says the entire WORLD! An unarguable stance in the current situation, as war is completely avoidable, though America knows no other option as rustics have never excelled in diplomacy -- well, you’d better learn quick if you wish to survive the wrath of the GLOBAL POPULATION -- note I do not refer to national leaders as they only serve elites, I refer to 7 BILLION global citizens who refuse to be intimidated by lunatics.

You see, the easiest political strategy for outsiders is assassination, no-one is immune from a professional, military trained sniper/operative. And of course be aware that Trump would only be one of many to fall. You got that doodles? WE know you all from Wall Street to the Pentagon and if you value you criminal lives, you had better realise that the ENTIRE WORLD will not stand for these needless threats from incompetent Washington psychopaths and ‘swamp’ creatures, you reading this neocons, the ‘Chicago boys,’ Pentagon and the corporate CEOs involved in the war/weapons industries, yes all of you. Be aware YOU have crossed the line and you’d better step back quick.

The next message will be from the barrel of a sniper rifle or well placed device -- you have no defences against this type of attack and you know it, so be advised of the consequences of your self-centred, insane actions.

This solution is the most effective and efficient, as anyone that replaces these soon to be dead imbeciles that displays the same characteristics/policies would also be dispatched. Returned servicemen, veterans, are your biggest nightmare as they have the means, training and SKILL for the job. Most are disillusioned and aware they have fought in criminal corporate wars; notwithstanding the many millions of others who would protect their families from criminally INSANE yanks.

So there you have it doodle dandies, you are all marked men and women if you don’t cease threatening the entire WORLD. If you do not believe, a clear message will be sent to wake you from your psychoses, of course Trump is only a neocon/deep state puppet and is therefore entirely expendable.

You may have the media-lobotomised American public under control but you should aware that does not apply to the rest of the WORLD. Try profiling white Anglo-European males at your airports, you unbelievably stupid and dangerous, American clowns.

[What Trump doesn't seem to realise is he is an expendable FALL GUY and fall he will as he is begging the WORLD to blow his head off -- this is REALITY, not reality TV, you incomprehensible dunce. You are the deep state's puppet target Donald, as those nefarious bastards are too smart to offer themselves as targets, you stupid stooge. So wear the consequences.

We also note that Trump has escalated his verbal threats, now ranting that the military is "locked and loaded," well, president clown, so are many others but they are targeting YOU!]

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