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The Stunning Disconnect of America’s Ruling Elite
by cyd Friday, Aug 11 2017, 11:20pm
international / prose / post

All the news that emanates from the USA of late is reduced to WAR and more war, however, this time the war is nuclear, which affects the entire WORLD and every living thing in it.

Dangerous idiot that needs shooting
Dangerous idiot that needs shooting

Now, it’s not too difficult to deduce that any such threat would be alarming, as this threat is a direct threat on the lives of the entire global population. However, with all the bluff, bluster, bullshit and insanity in Washington, few if any Americans, realise that no-one appreciates having their lives threatened. They (elites and their political puppets) constantly appear on the American media screaming war and blue murder almost on everything. Yet they have no idea that threatening the lives of the masses comes with severe consequences, after all, who would sit back and allow their loved ones to be murdered by lunatic mad dogs? Trump and his puppet administration almost foam at the mouth threatening North Korea, not realising this threat affects everyone, the entire world.

And so few would be surprised to read of numerous assassinations in the USA, as now it is clearly confirmed the USA couldn’t give a shit for innocent lives anywhere. The US ruling elite live in their own private worlds, completely disconnected from reality. However, reality depending on the distance one is from it, always shocks delusionists to confront it. In fact the only group that would be surprised if members of the global population retaliate with extreme violence/force is the delusional Washington neocons and their political puppets.

Many people world-wide now feel they have no choice but to adopt the extreme force option against the lunatic (proven) US ruling establishment. Interestingly the elites are only a relative tiny minority and are easily dealt with via violence, which is all they know. Reality dictates it would be a simple process to eliminate this tiny minority from the face of the earth before THEY destroy it; in fact it has become an imperative.

The other option is that the masses fail to act, which of course invites a nuclear holocaust, as the only hope any nuclear nation has of winning a nuclear confrontation is a pre-emptive, surprise, first strike, which the lunatic, divorced from reality neocons are planning as I write.

It is bad enough that mass apathy and inaction have allowed the western world to be siezed by self-interested madmen, however, allowing these madmen to destroy civilisation and the planet is the next progressive step of mass insanity. Indeed, leaders reflect those they lead, so you have no-one to blame if your leaders destroy everything including you. And do not think for a second that sanity will prevail, as it never has in the past; in fact, ruling elite insanity has reached a catastrophic crisis, which of course is no surprise to anyone with a modicum of social awareness.

There are many groups and individuals preparing for direct action against the evil forces that confront us all, as war in this instance is completely avoidable. But try telling that to the madmen that only pursue the military option, even though it has proven calamitous to the WORLD to date -- so why do they pursue it? Stinking PROFITS, and that dear readers is the pathetic reason your lives are threatened -- such a ‘noble’ cause.

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