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Madrid Risks Civil War Over Catalan Independence -- Germany Supports Madrid
by jason - Daily Mail Friday, Oct 27 2017, 8:36pm
international / prose / post

To say that Madrid's decision to overrule the democratic vote of Catalonians for independence is provocative and extremely dangerous would be understatement. Modern Spanish history is peppered with wars of independence and revolution regardless of the strength of opposition. The romantic revolt is part of the cultural DNA of the Spanish people. However, Germany, which nation was instrumental in breaking up Yugoslavia and Kosovo independence has shown the world its flagrant double standards and hypocrisy by supporting the Spanish central government. The entire situation may erupt into open conflict sooner rather than later.

Germany has lost all integrity/credibility and has resorted to its former Nazi totalitarian principles by flouting not only DEMOCRACY but international law and conventions regarding same. It should be remembered that to date Catalans have NOT resorted to violence; however, the Madrid government seems to be doing everything in its perverse anti-democratic power to foment a civil war, which history informs us is a very old world Spanish Imperialistic behaviour.

Follow the link below for recent developments and details of this soon to be CRISIS. As for Germany, you would think that lessons should have been learned from the recent past -- meddling in other nation's affairs is unwarranted and extremely UNWISE. Reality and history dictates that it is clearly counter-productive to attempt to oppress peoples that fervently desire independence, isn't that right America in Afghanistan? One would also have thought that European States with their vast experience and history know better than to create unnecessary conflicts.

Good luck Madrid, and Germany, involve yourself at your own stupid risk, desist from meddling unless of course you wish to have KOSOVO and your sordid illegal/criminal interference in former Yugoslavia exposed and brandished to the WORLD once again. People instinctively fight for freedom and against all forms of repression and oppression and there's no way to change that innate human response.

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