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Infantile Australia, the Disgrace of the South Pacific
by pat Friday, Oct 27 2017, 10:12pm
international / prose / post

If one considers the geo-strategic location of Australia in relation to other regional nations in the Pacific and South East Asia it becomes apparent that inept, spineless and political/visionary devoid Oz governments of past and present, exclusively formed from incompetent apron-string major parties, have COMPLETELY failed the nation.

Australia’s location makes it a vital nation in the region and world, so much so, that America now occupies it with a permanent military presence in peacetime, which is an outrage; notwithstanding the critical American military and surveillance/spy installations which have been present on the continent for decades.

Rather than hanging desperately onto the apron-strings of empires -- formerly the British now the American -- Australia, with a little vision and gumption could easily play a leading role in international affairs by asserting REAL independence/neutrality and declaring with other Pacific nations, A NUCLEAR FREE ZONE, which would include all nuclear naval vessels, nuclear capable aircraft and of course missile armaments. In fact New Zealand has demonstrated this visionary approach/strategy to the world in recent times and remains unoccupied by foreign powers and most importantly, is not a primary nuclear target like AUSTRALIA is today.

Such a proposal would almost certainly be welcomed by other Pacific Island nations as they are acutely aware of the importance of their respective LIVING environments and would not jeopardise their means of life, wealth and prosperity in order to ingratiate themselves to a nihilistic, violent, American empire.

In other words an Australian and New Zealand partnership with other Pacific Island nations could EASILY declare a nuclear free zone and ratify it in international courts, which act would then relieve Australia of its current primary nuclear target status created by former extremely foolish school girl PM, Julia Gillard, without any regard for national sovereignty or national security. In fact the woman (with war criminal, John Howard) should be jailed for their treasonous compliance to the war mongering USA.

I would also state quite confidently, no matter which perspective is taken, a neutral, peaceful alliance of South Pacific nations would best serve the interests of the region -- wars and needless conflict would then be localised to the northern hemisphere, while Australia, with other sensible nations pursues peace, equality, neutrality and invites other nations in the north to follow suit.

Australia is ready and able to lead in this regard, providing all useless, powerless, infant, SERVILE, incompetent, political parties are NOT supported. Australia is ready for new visionary, clever, tactical and diplomatic INDEPENDENT leadership.

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