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The Social Psychosis of the USA
by dulcie Sunday, Oct 29 2017, 9:53pm
international / prose / post

True, there is nothing new under the sun in the affairs of men. People outside the USA wonder how it could be possible that a severely flawed pathological individual could become leader of a once powerful nation -- America in reality is now weaker than Russia and China if superior weaponry and the ability of military personnel are the measures taken, research the matter for yourselves if you are able, doodles, but to return to the narrative. The answer for anyone outside America is obvious, only a nation lost in unreality and delusion would elect a political dunce and nutter, divorced from reality as its leader; in other words, as is the condition of a nation so is the condition of its leader, not the reverse -- a simple deduction to make.

So, targeting imbecile Trump is not the answer, as the disease is national, how else could anyone explain Trump continuing in office when his utterly insane rants, pathological lies and pathological thin-skin are broadcast daily and in plain sight. Trump himself takes perverse delight in his self-delusion, this thoroughly incompetent dunce imagines he has a very high IQ, yet no-one has seen any evidence to support this obvious mentally sick self-delusion, but we have ALL seen the opposite, a MORON in office leading a MORONIC population to inevitable ruin and destruction.

Reality in America is displaced by the mythology/fantasies of superiority, indispensability and exceptionalism, all of which claims bear no resemblance or connection to reality, but try to state that to the American people, which now have nothing to cling to but myths and delusions to which they cling desperately, hence Trump as leader, who is SYMPTOMATIC of a general pathological malaise, NOT the cause of it!

Nevertheless, there is an answer/solution. Consider the old fairy tale, “The Emperor has No Clothes.” The story outlines the absurd condition of delusional America today. Those that know reality, remain silent, due to fear, cowardice and self-interest, and those that don’t know see the emperor in fine hallucinogenic attire.

The fairy tale as most fairy tales do, delivers a social/political message, fairy tales were a chosen genre due to the repressive nature of social censorship of painful truths throughout history. If plain expositions were made then many writers and aware social voices would have been eliminated and even murdered for daring to tell the truth and overtly opposing existing authorities, but as we should all know these ‘fairy tale’ messages were/are easily interpreted and transmitted as simple fairy tales and nursery rhymes in order for the masses to carry the message far and wide whether aware of the meaning or not. Indeed, fairy tales survive to this day, which is proof of the wisdom of previous scribes/writers.

There is nothing surprising about the current status quo or condition of the severely ill USA, it’s separation from reality ensures its nihilistic pursuits and inevitable demise, as no other nation shares that level of separation from REALITY, however, as in the fairy tale the emperor’s court humours the emporer to safeguard personal interests, but an innocent boy in the crowd that simply believes his own eyes, openly declares “the emperor has no clothes,” which forces the masses to drop the delusion and self-deception.

However, today that boy’s voice is drowned out by the myth-supporting media and so rather than wake to reality, America remains in delusion and must FALL as a result. The malaise from which America suffers has infected every aspect of American society, particularly the mass media, which once saved the nation from the lies, criminality, misrepresentations and pure delusion of its leaders. However, when that ‘medicine/cure’ is lacking there is no hope of recovery and so the patient must die of the complaint.

Readers would note the age of that fairy tale and realise that indeed there is nothing new under the sun in the affairs of men, politics and nations. As for America, its fate is sealed unless of course a cathartic rude awakening occurs, fat chance of that! So it’s goodbye doodles, it wasn’t nice knowing you.

However, be assured WORLD, other nations (the court) would, if forced, rid the world of any threat to human kind, the disease currently only infects America alone, which is observed ever so closely and intricately by other nations and interests.

America would be prevented from launching or triggering a world destroying nuclear war. It simply would not happen, the REAL rulers of the world would not allow it. However, as we all know, accidents do happen, therefore it would be prudent to undertake a remedial course of action, to be sure and safe.

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