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The Universe Should Not Exist According to Scientists
by zed Wednesday, Nov 1 2017, 12:50am
international / prose / post

A recent story involving scientists at CERN explains that they are perplexed by the lack of essential matter in the universe, which they cannot see/measure but nevertheless is intimated to exist according to other theories and postulates, ‘dark matter’ for instance.


I am reminded of an old Sufi anecdote in this regard, which goes something like this:

'A Mulla (Nasrudin) was seen by a friend on his hands and knees under a light post searching for something on the ground, the friend asked the Mulla what he had lost, the Mulla replied, “my key,” “where exactly did you lose it,” the friend inquired. “A block away in an alley,” the Mulla responded. “So why are you searching for it here,” the friend asked? “There is more light here,” the Mulla responded!
The science report was also re-posted on other news sites, the title of which was altered somewhat to, “The Universe Should Not Actually Exist, CERN Scientists Discover,” which is an absurdity as everyone with the least or no education understands existence as self-evident.

Scientists are self-shackled by their own discipline of arbitrary measurement, which of course is an integral discipline to science involving space/time, which in cosmological terms does not exist, as infinity is beginningless and endless, immeasurable in other words. Measurement is merely a necessary convenience by/through which we order our lives but in science it is utilised to explain things, I should also add that mathematics is also a language. However, as mystics have know through the ages you can’t measure infinity, in fact the Hindu word ‘maya,’ which renders into English as the ‘veiling principle,’ also means ‘to measure.’

All attempts to superimpose or intersect continuity with time or space (science) would always end in failure; all man made finite creations necessarily result in false leads when attempting to understand infinity. So very good luck to the scientists at CERN that are looking under the ‘lamp post’ for something that is not located in the vicinity.

It has not yet occurred to western scientists that time/space or ‘constants’ do not exist, though they have finally accepted that the speed of light is NOT a constant, its ‘speed’ is just another convenient, though misleading, form of measurement, or illusion -- ROFLMFAO.

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