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Rogue State Declares it would continue to Occupy Illegally Invaded Sovereign Nation without Consent
by Aaron Mehta via jess - Defense News Thursday, Nov 2 2017, 9:57pm
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The fact that no-one has been prosecuted for the illegal invasion of Iraq lays the foundation to continue criminal military activities, which Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, supported by Jim Mattis, Sec. of Defense, had the gaul and stupidity to broadcast to the house and world.

Mattis (left) and Tillerson, puppets, as is Trump.
Mattis (left) and Tillerson, puppets, as is Trump.

The world's leading civilian killing, law-flouting nation now imagines it is above all laws, local and international, notwithstanding the international community is acutely aware that America is in breach of so many international laws and conventions it would have no chance if hauled into an un-corrupted international court -- are you reading this Russia and China, the LAW is on your side? Yet clearly all nations have deferred to American overt brutal criminality and continue to do so. Why? The answer of course would suggest that their exists a higher ruling authority which is able to determine the policies and course of ALL nations -- this unrepresentative minority has been called the global elite which is comprised of the world's mega-banking families, the force behind all governments. Democracy, fascism, totalitarianism etc, are only words to the elite group that know they own the WORLD.

Tillerson is merely a puppet as have been all previous US administrations with the exception of the Kennedy's and we all know their fate and who was ultimately responsible for their murders and the murders of other leading social activists.

Surely by now, one would think the world has become tired of this utterly corrupt form of rule and the charades of free elections and puppet governments that supposedly represent the people when it is painfully obvious that these governments world-wide immediately renege on all promises to the people and overtly begin to serve the power/money elites that placed them in power. Well, knowledge is power and I urge every enslaved person to research the matter, wake up and restore their corrupted nations as the masses remain the most powerful social force on the planet. Only then could the world's population have a hope of unity, peace and real progress.

Inaction would only increase the power of these clearly EVIL elites as we have witnessed in the recent past and present. Consider the loss of inalienable rights, freedoms, liberties and privacy which rights were guaranteed by founding documents in all democracies and then ask who is responsible for all the recent enslaving policies world-wide? The answer could only be a group that is able to wield world-wide power and that points directly to which groups/families have the means (money/power) to do so.

Tillerson's and Mattis' overt declaration of criminal intent must not be tolerated by any other nation or freedom loving population. If the international community does nothing in view of this OVERT American criminal declaration then proof of the above claims would have been furnished. It has been said that the most miserable slave of all is the slave that is unaware of the chains and forces that enslave him/her -- article follows:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Monday night that American forces would hypothetically stay in Iraq in order to defeat the Islamic State group, even if the government in Baghdad requests the U.S. leave.

Tillerson, appearing with Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, indicated American forces have the right to stay in Iraq under the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), a long-standing justification for military action around the globe, until the fight against ISIS is concluded.

The statement came up in response to a question from Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., who asked “If U.S. forces are told to leave, will we depart Iraq or will be stay uninvited as our forces are doing in Syria, and under what legal authority will they remain?”

Responded Tillerson: “We will remain in Iraq until ISIS is defeated and we are confident that ISIS has been defeated.”

When Udall pushed again on what legal authority that would occur, Tillerson responded by citing the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs.

However, the secretary stressed that “we are there also at the invitation of the Iraqi government and that [Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi] has given to me no indication he is in any particular hurry to have us depart.”

Mieke Eoyang, vice president of the national security program at the Third Way think tank, called the idea of staying in Iraq against the desire of Baghdad “insanity.”

“At that point, the U.S. would be considered an invading force by the Iraqis and would become a target not only of ISIS, but the Iraqi Security Forces,” said Eoyang, a longtime Democratic staff member on the Hill.

“That’s from a practical perspective. From a legal perspective, they’re on even shakier ground. ISIS didn’t exist when they passed the 2001 AUMF and the 2002 AUMF was to enforce U.N. Security Council resolutions. They don’t have that here. Tillerson needs to go talk to Mattis and his lawyer before he commits to that position.”

Kori Schake, a fellow with the Hoover Institute who worked at both the National Security Council and the Defense Department during the George. W. Bush administration, said it is “unfortunate Secretary of State Tillerson gave the impression we would remain in Iraq without Iraqi approval.”

But, Schake thinks Tillerson may have inadvertently stumbled into that stance. Tillerson’s response came as part of a broader question from Udall about the role of Iran-backed militias in Iraq. Last week during a visit to Iraq, Tillerson called for Iran-backed militias to either turn down arms or leave the country.

“I honestly think he was trying to clean up his previous awkward suggestion Iraqi Shi’ia militia ‘go home’ to Iran, and bungled into another round of making news that will require cleaning up,” Schake said.

Asked for clarification on Tillerson’s remarks, a State Department spokesman said the department doesn’t deal in hypotheticals and deferred to the secretary’s comments.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said she would “associate us” with Tillerson‘s comments, adding “I won’t answer hypotheticals. We are in Iraq to defeat ISIS and as [Tillerson] said we are there by invitation.”

A senior Iraqi diplomat, informed of Tillerson’s comments, told Defense News that “The U.S. forces are at the official request of the Iraqi government; the effectiveness of their support and the coalition allies’ to the Iraqi Security forces is gratefully acknowledged. The Iraqi Government is committed to maintaining the course of cooperation with our allies until the ultimate defeat of ISIS, in such a way that ensures that there is no sequel to this terrorist group.”
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[Also consider the FACT that the US presence in Syria, and its support of terrorist groups, without consent or agreements of any kind with the democratically elected Syrian government, is in direct violation of international law and conventions, yet Russia does nothing to remove this destructive, criminal threat, which has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people. One has to wonder, as the law should be the first option, particularly in this instance.]

Thoroughly corrupt Putin, paid puppet of the global elite
Thoroughly corrupt Putin, paid puppet of the global elite

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