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The Single Dynamic of all US Politics
by jake Saturday, Dec 16 2017, 9:10pm
international / prose / post

The image below says it all, money and more money not only determines political outcomes in the USA, it determines policies, ensuring of course that giant corporations/banks/media continue to reap the highest percentage of available wealth while average people are sent to needless wars for the profit of the FEW and are forced to eat shit at home while unrepresentative others live high on the hog.


The FCC decision to throttle the internet, allotting high speeds to those that pay huge extra amounts and horse and cart speeds for the rest that cannot afford to pay, which ALSO facilitates, by economic means, censorship, of course by allotting the slowest possible speeds for those sites deemed threatening to the status quo of elite, unrepresentative rule, stinks, not to mince words.

Call it, the trashing of net neutrality, what you will but you could never call it DEMOCRATIC, which speaks volumes about the centralized private rule of the financial elite in the USA.

The FCC decision was of course BOUGHT and arranged; Trump himself hand-picked the chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, naturally. Trump’s support for financial elites, TAX ‘reform’ favoring the wealthy, killing net neutrality, etc, is undisguised. However, it should also be noted that media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, a member of the CFR, also outlined this plan many years past, which indicates an obvious agenda by the mega-wealthy financial elite.

The point/question is, will the masses allow this outrageous totalitarian decision to affect their precious freedoms or will the people DEMAND its repeal and restore freedom to the internet?

Regardless of the status quo, it should here be re-affirmed that the most powerful social force in ANY nation is the people united over a just cause; indeed, no amount of money is able to defeat the will of the masses in any nation.

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