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CIA Tips Russia About planned ISIS Attack on St. Peterburg
by darcy Monday, Dec 18 2017, 4:40am
international / prose / post

A very interesting story (link below) considering that IS/ISIL/ISIS was jointly created, trained, armed and supplied by the CIA and the Saudis, fact, if you care to research the matter, particularly the CIA training ground in Jordan.

Of course globalist puppet Putin was extremely grateful and rang Trump personally to thank him for the helpful information. The terror plot was subsequently foiled and a number of arrests and seizures of explosives, weapons and other Ďterroristí paraphernalia were made, BUT itís an odd story to say the least, why would the USA suddenly turn on a group that it helped create, notwithstanding that of course, it would possess all manner of operational knowledge about the groupís intentions. We should also remember that Saudi prince Bandar once threatened (UK Telegraph) Putin to his face with ISIS disrupting the Russian hosted winter Olympics at the time, explaining without mincing words that, Ďwe control the terrorists, we turn them on and off like a light switch ... and they will be dismantled after their usefulness expires,í to paraphrase.

Interestingly puppet Putin didnít have him placed on trial and shot for his overt, supremely arrogant threat. Bandar was allowed to return home, an astonishing outcome one would think if Putin was not part of the globalist game!

Most of the above is easily verified, so letís attempt to explain this latest oddity. Could it be that terrorist proxy armies have a use-by date or one-use only application; it was a rag-tag ISIS that destabilised Libya, toppled Gaddafi and murdered him, a great success for the CIA and the Saudis that viewed mega-wealthy and powerful rogue leader Gaddafi with the utmost contempt.

In any case ISIS was successful in Libya so quick as can be, it was deployed illegally in Syria by the USA and Saudis to destabilise that nation and remove democratically elected al-Assad -- all part of the PNAC greater plan for the Middle East, the next nation on the hit list is Iran, a now open secret. Nevertheless, the US military overtly and illegally made weapons and supply drops in Syria to the ISIS group, masquerading under various names and banners making the entire relationship plain and laughable. And regardless of Putinís ridiculous pretense otherwise, he is fully aware that ISIS is a US proxy fighting group.

And as everyone should know irregular non-state Ďarmiesí are expendable, so could this latest event be a sign that the USA has given up on its proxy fighting group, ISIS, which was completely vanquished in Syria, YES, the USA lost in Syria, even after the US military escorted ISIS fighters and their weapons out of blockaded Raqqa with the usual completely transparent lies analysts, commentators and the WORLD are now familiar with? Who really knows, outside the Saudis the CIA and Putin, of course buffoon Trump hasnít got a clue as he is not privy to sensitive information for obvious Twitter reasons?

However, something is clearly in process, dramatic changes like this are always planned though we shall have to wait for more of the usual signs and indicators to reveal their true nature. And for budding strategic analysts, always remember that every lie necessarily indicates the truth it attempts to hide. So it would all come out in the media wash sooner rather than later as one would expect with todayís lackluster journos and talking heads in the CFR directed western mass media, talk about hopeless!

Propaganda depends on highly skilled operators, which are sadly lacking in the western media/propaganda apparatus today. You should have known Rupert and ilk, you can only buy second, and at the moment, third raters, as real skill is always associated with INTEGRITY, the talent has sought other allied employment as they have had a gut full of your CFR crap.

We should also bear in mind that recent media releases have indicated that Putinís time as Russian leader may be coming to an end, the reason was also revealed, he wants to spend his $250 BILLION in corruption money, after all, whatís the point of all that corruption money if you canít spend it, ay Vladimir, you CORRUPT, traitorous, contemptible dog.

See following link on the latest intriguing news:

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