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Tenuous Bindings that Hold Large Societies Together
by justin Wednesday, Dec 20 2017, 2:01am
international / prose / post

Large societies are held together by shared value systems and beliefs, however, these ideological for the most part ‘bindings’ begin to fray when, due to poor leadership, entire societies begin to unravel, as is occurring under Trump in the United States. Trump is a pathological liar, extremely flawed personality and thoroughly self-seeking; he is oblivious to the fact that his absurdist transparent lies and pathological behavior are undermining the very foundations of America itself and subverting American society. His latest foray into the autocratic absurd is a word/expression ban list, which ‘decree’ he has issued to state entities to follow.


It is anyone’s guess what this dangerous clown will do next, probably trigger WWIII because his sick ego craves recognition and adulation and the bigger the impact the better regardless of consequences; indeed, Trump is a very sick and extremely dangerous individual, not a simple buffoon as most critics view him, though buffoon he is, but an extremely dangerous one simply because he has NOT been removed from power with a bullet or any other means available, if any leader in the world or history required assassination Trump stands out as the PRIME candidate.

Few seem to appreciate the effects on the nation of his buffoonery, lies, INFANTILE tantrums and psychopathic antics. Trump is single-handedly, destroying the very foundations upon which America was built and prospered; the Constitution, Bill of Rights and other founding documents encapsulate the values Americans identify with and have fought wars to preserve over the generations since the American Revolution.

However, Trump like Bush before him, regards these national values/principles as less important than himself and his overreaching executive powers, and as is evident today the national identity of the American nation has suffered severely as democracies do not lend themselves easily to cult of personality worship, notwithstanding that personality cult worship of an obvious political dunce, idiot, morally bankrupt, despicable and thoroughly OBNOXIOUS character, is an impossible ask of any SANE society; however, TOTALITARIAN, autocratic states have no other choice, whereas Americans have a tried and TRUE CHOICE in the founding documents and its valued principles, which also legally allows for the people to remove any government/leader that is deemed destructive to the nation and the values set out in the founding documents, a hypothetical assassin would have a very strong legal case indeed, as Trump is NOTHING but TROUBLE for the nation. Now if in doubt, try and think of another president more incompetent and destructive of American values than Trump, and I am including Bush who comes a very close second, but Trump takes the cake as the worst and therefore most dangerous president ever to take office.

If the peoples’ sense of identity and the shared belief systems that create identity are subverted with imbecilic, fantastic, non-sensical discourses and the chaotic behavior of an insane leader then the fabric of society weakens and eventually irreparably tears. Now note that creating confusion is a Trump specialty/tactic; confusing opponents temporarily weakens their personal power by subverting conviction and creating doubt, many pathological personalities instinctively utilize this effective psychological weapon in order to maintain control of lost, confused and therefore easily led impressionable people, however, the American people are NOT the ‘opponent’ as Trump views them, they are the very backbone of the nation itself, as the rest is just so much inert dirt.

Nonetheless, and this is the clincher, other (foreign) entities/people are easily able to EXPLOIT this created confusion which creates a huge problem for the confuser-in-chief. It is much easier to exploit an already confused weakened populace than attempt to erode and replace entrenched beliefs from a position of minimal influence; this approach is in fact the essence of Asian martial arts, simply exploit existing conditions and the weaknesses of the opponent to your advantage and use whatever power dynamics the opponent is able to muster to defeat the opponent -- it works, all one need do to verify is watch how China, a COMMUNIST central authority, is using capitalism to defeat the most capitalistic nation on earth, America.

It also becomes clear that Trump is a sitting duck for this approach.

Regardless of which perspective one takes it is imperative that Trump is removed from office as soon as possible, one way or the other, otherwise America as we and the world have known it would be ruined beyond repair, there are too many other emerging powerful nations ready and very willing to take the lead.

Dear readers, I hope you appreciate how I resisted expressing the above in one short sentence: Shoot the cunt! As it’s now a matter of URGENCY, we have run out of time waiting for Mueller or the useless Democrats, corrupt Congress and the dysfunctional Senate to act with speed, efficiency and determination. But why stop with Trump, shoot every criminal banker on Wall Street, the executive of every corporate entity that offshores jobs or is involved in the parasitic weapons/defense industries and every CIA/NSA agent/employee on the planet, and again WHY stop there? Wrest control over all information systems and shoot every lying media and IT mogul in the country, they are all deceivers and working against the best interests (FCC) of the people. Only when every corrupt, rotten corporate serving politician and bureaucrat in Washington is eliminated would this nation be reborn in revolution.

All revolutionary nations require, on a regular basis, the blood of those that are subverting its values and destroying its principles; we are presently witnessing what occurs when we fail to act to revive the revolution/nation -- we must either RESTORE and REVIVE the American Republic by tried and tested RADICAL means or die an ignominious whimpering death in ruin.

It is not too late to save the nation from the likes of Trump and the corporate-banker parasites he allows to exploit the nation and feed on the life blood of the people. We have done it before and we CAN do it AGAIN!

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