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by dulcimer Thursday, Dec 21 2017, 9:13am
international / poetry / post

how great are the mighty Himalayas
and how small are grains of sand
from which the ranges are made

how mighty the tectonic force that thrusts them upward
and how soft the water that scours through the hardest rocks

all that is small becomes great and all that is great becomes small
ceaseless births, deaths, renewal

as a child i remember a small seedling in the crevice of huge
boulder as a man i return to see a healthy tree
between two boulders which were once one --
the soft overcomes the hard --
with patience and unrelenting perseverance all is possible

the moon appears in the afternoon sky in season
the sun ebbs slowly beneath the horizon to return the next dawn,
the tribulations of men are self-inflicted if nature’s harmony and cycles
are any indication
everything manifest is produced without effort by allowing competing forces
to yield and dominate in turn

sway with me as life and all existence sways and renews itself
in never ending patterns of perfection devoid of the slightest
discordant perturbation

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