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by sybil Sunday, Jan 21 2018, 1:22am
international / poetry / post

this strange forest
articulates it emotions
which befits its location

vines hum as they throttle the entwined,
slowly, each turn squeezing the life from
the hapless captured

screaming leaves urge trees to reach
higher and higher to escape
the murder lower down
but trees are fixed to the ground tho
their sturdy trunks protect them from many attacks

winds whistle and shrill thru
the canopy and higher branches
whipping leaves mercilessly
for daring to speak

clouds are caught in up and downdrafts spinning
like wool in an invisible tube

the hissing and taunting
is directed at the hapless fools beneath
caught in every imaginable way,
they cannot see the sky
or ever see the sun,
they read and consume the digital signs
promising all manner of lies,
leading all astray

the perpetual churning of people
seeking release eventually liquidates them
as they have no clear direction,
few survive to tell the story
of the created horror of the sinister few
that delight in power, murder and torture

tho occasionally one or two escapees write warnings,
and map escapes which they cast to the ground
to assist the lost

and when found after being trodden underfoot
by the churning masses
they are unintelligible tho decipherable words hint
at something inconceivable --

Freedom for All

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