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Who in their Right Mind Voted for Nuclear War?
by jack Wednesday, Feb 7 2018, 9:29pm
international / prose / post

America’s new nuclear weapons policy has rightly alarmed the WORLD. Instead of decreasing the chances of a nuclear holocaust America and its neocon lunatics in Washington have increased it to critical mass level -- the doomsday clock, recently moved to 2 minutes to midnight, now reflects that INSANITY for ALL to SEE.

The question expressed in the title now begs to be answered as no thinking human in their right mind would have elected leaders that entertain the prospect of a pre-emptive nuclear war. Yet Trump and his generals are planning for precisely that!

Now let’s trace this lunacy to its source. Arch-neoconservative, Zionist and Israeli spy, Richard Perle, infamously stated some years back that, “what’s the point of having nuclear weapons if you don’t use them!” Never has any government official in the world made such a horrendous and utterly INSANE remark.

Moreover, Trump is on record as saying, to paraphrase, ‘if we have them [nuclear weapons] why can’t we use them,’ stated openly numerous times during his election campaign -- so Americans have no excuse as it was they that installed this mentally flawed, dangerous dunce into the highest office in the land. Clearly, Americans are NOT in their right mind, as this result was a conscious decision by the majority.

Well, as I write Pentagon hawks are salivating over the prospect of “using” nuclear weapons on North Korea and the irony is that the American media always present Kim Jong-un as mad, well it’s time to look in the mirror, America! Neither north Korea nor any other nation is deliberately pursuing aggressive nuclear war, Kim Jong-un is DEFENSIVELY reacting to Trump’s infantile but highly dangerous insane threats, he has little choice, as clearly, America is determined to interfere with NK’s internal politics as it has illegally done with numerous other nations in the world over the past two decades; and what a fine catastrophic mess and civilian killing debacle it is RESPONSIBLE for in those nations -- the world would soon regret remaining passive in the face of overt international war crimes.

The tragedy of course, notwithstanding that the MAJORITY of Americans are clearly insane, is that the SANE WORLD is sitting idly by while lunatics in Washington are threatening to annihilate human kind -- please note, there is no such thing as a limited nuclear war, as any nuclear attacked nation would throw everything they have at an aggressor and its allies, a given REALITY. So when the American mass media tries to sell the notion of a limited nuclear strike, forget it, as any nuclear exchange is impossible to control, plain to see. However, it is also CLEAR that the US leadership would strike first and try to explain later, thereby eliminating any prospect of opposition from the public, an extremely alarming situation.

Now, as a species we MUST ensure our survival by dealing with mentally ill/sick nations/populations that threaten the entire world by CONCERTED, deliberate, radical CONTAINMENT and then, after containment, attempt to restore health/reason; we accomplish this task by united counter-threats, as time for other methods has passed. A united international front of all nuclear nations forcing peace is the ONLY VIABLE means of dealing with un-REASON-able, psychotic, deluded nations, I’m sorry to say. No single nation today could successfully fight a united world and hope to prevail -- plain fact, so if the SANE world fails to act according to reason and sanity NOW then we could ALL -- the GLOBAL population -- expect to perish and we would only have ourselves to blame.

America is not only the world’s leading criminal, mass murdering, ROGUE terrorist state, today, it has become, due to a previous lack of positive action from other nations, a danger to the ENTIRE WORLD and therefore must be dealt with by the entire world, as it is obvious that the mentally ill are incapable of seeing reason. And remember, it would be the greatest folly to imagine -- from a sane point of view -- that an insane nation would see reason and would not attempt to REALISE its insane threats and clearly megalo-maniacal lunatic ambitions to dominate/conquer, (pax Americana) the entire world.

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