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The Political Whores of Washington [and Elsewhere]
by Susan Trotter via jaxie - OpEd News Saturday, Feb 10 2018, 7:39pm
international / prose / post

It is established fact/REALITY today that people in the western world never get representation. LIARS, deceivers and cheats are elected to office only to openly renege on all their promises and serve minority elite interests. How many more times must we fall for the deceptions of professional rogues, liars and cheats before we wake to the fact that we are all being screwed? Clearly a vote for ANY major party anywhere in the West is a wasted vote; regardless of political stripe the elected always serve minority interests -- and we call this democracy, forced to choose between a vomit and a turd.

Is it time for REASON to step in and rid us of this scourge masquerading as democracy, which by definition is MAJORITY, NOT minority rule? In the current circumstances it is preferable to vote for a parakeet rather than any LYING duplicitous, sellout political whore -- you couldn't do any worse as ALL major parties are owned today. The job of politicians is to LIE, deceive and cheat, that's all, and it won't CHANGE unless WE change it!

Adapt the following story to your own cheating, LYING, minority-serving western government if you live outside the corrupted USA.

When high roller Donald Trump rolled into Washington it wasn't long before the whores dug in their nails.

They couldn't have asked for an easier mark.

Fat, rich and oblivious to the ways of the working world.

At first, they all played hard to get, insisting they didn't care. He was a showman and a flimflam man. Full of razzle-dazzle and bull, but no substance. After all, a trick is just a trick -- in the beginning.

The Hill pulled no punches, wasting no time turning up their noses at the blowhard in chief. They put him down every chance they got, both in front of and off camera. He was a joke -- a scar on their holier-than-thou image. Surely he would ruin the famed party of family values.

Now let's not be fooled here. Not all whores stand on street corners peering into car windows looking for their next John -- those are easy to spot. It's the briefcase carrying, church clutching, power-hungry ones that are hard to pick out in a crowd. They can blend in anywhere -- and feel quite comfortable roaming the halls of the Congress.

When compromising one's perceived principles for personal gain, phony self-righteousness can only hold the door open so long before greed slams it shut.

Especially once they learn how easy it is to get what they want.

One thing whores know is everything's a deal -- a give and take situation. Don't pick their pocket when there are bigger prizes at stake.

Roll the old man over and make him feel good. It doesn't take long to find out what turns his kind on. Stroke his ego until he can't stand it anymore.

A compliment here.

A little praise there.

If a little isn't enough, ladle on more.

When he's boastful and arrogant -- giggle and look the other way.

When he insults American diversity, bat your eyelashes and tell him how great he is. He loves that.

When he makes the country look uncaring and ignorant ignore the naysayers.

Because, in the end, they know they both have the same moral compass.

They're bottom feeders, too.

They just never come out and say it out loud, why ruin a good thing. They let their voting record speak their truth while their words tell copious lies.

When stabilizing John Kelly took over as Chief of Staff everyone drew a sigh of relief. But even Kelly proudly took sides when telling lies to protect his posse.

What America wants means nothing to them, they are the ones making the laws and setting their price. To them we're just helpless beggars seeking help from the storm while they take cover in the warmth of our ignorance.

If it wasn't for two somewhat concerned ladies and one dying old war hero, the Republicans would have taken away the health care of millions of Americans, with nothing replacing it. Completely the opposite of what Trump had promised.

This is where Trump had to learn the hard and fast rules of the Republican public persona.

It only matters what you get, don't worry about giving back.

The mean streets of Washington have their own rules for survival and they aren't pretty.

Say anything, do anything, to get the outcome you want. If it means turning your back on those less fortunate, so be it. That's life in the big city. To each their own, Kid.

Unlike real estate deals, in DC you have to sugar coat the fact that you just don't give a damn about those footing the bill. Your coolness has to be draped in the flag so it can't be sniffed out.

It's a kinder, gentler way of lying.

They showed him the ropes and soon he was lying bigger and better, about more important things than crowd size. He was learning from the best America had to offer.

It finally sunk in that it doesn't matter what you promise, you don't even have to come close. Tell them what they want to hear. They'll believe anything as long as you end it with God bless America.

With the health care mandatory enrollment gone the ACA will most likely implode as predicted with skyrocketing premiums. This will knock out millions who can't afford care. Thousands will be strapped with overwhelming debt, lose their homes, and eventually die.

If you're still thinking the GOP give a damn, save your breath.

They don't care.

They never did.

They never will.

For now, they have their Sugar-Daddy right where they want him. It doesn't matter how repulsive he is, their job is keeping him fat and happy. They are ALL self-seekers and serve their own interests.

a tickle here, a tickle there and BIG LIES everywhere.

It didn't take long before Trump became the best looking man in the room, did it?

There's one sure thing you can say about the whores of Washington -- they will never be mistaken for the hooker with a heart.
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