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Major Sexual Scandal Hits Oz Politician -- the deputy Prime Minister no less!
by jaxie Saturday, Feb 10 2018, 9:15pm
international / prose / post

I have to hand it to my fellow Australians, when they throw mud it’s REAL mud that sticks, not the fabricated innuendos currently typical of Washington.

Are you kidding Barnaby, you completely destroyed a career in the public and (future) private sectors for that!?
Are you kidding Barnaby, you completely destroyed a career in the public and (future) private sectors for that!?

The Deputy Australian PM, Barnaby Joyce, has been caught out big time for unwisely chasing his married dick and having an affair with a staffer who dutifully got herself pregnant asap to ensure her indispensability -- ever heard of a condom Barnaby, you SAP, you fell for the oldest trick in the book and no nation needs a schoolboy sap in high office -- a given?

Could you imagine the story if the hapless Joyce attempted to get rid of her? Not that this scandal needs any more sordid details to have him REMOVED from office, not for fucking his staffer, which is enough, BUT for arranging positions for her to remain in his ‘service’ when she was without a ‘suitable’ position in government. Indeed, the corruption reeks and the odour will linger until Joyce is FORCED from office.

It seems the lessons of the Bill Clinton/Lewinsky sexual scandal and the resulting defensive LIES, were LOST on Aussie politician Joyce, even fellow Australian Julian Assange chasing his dick to his utter ruin, seemed to escape Joyce. Remember the old adage Barnaby, ‘a man has two heads but only one has a brain!’

What is intriguing however, is that his fellow ‘conservative’ politicians, probably with much to hide themselves, have jumped to his defence though defence in this situation is IMPOSSIBLE. Surely Barnaby hasn’t got the goods on those that have jumped to his defence in a completely untenable situation, though one cannot help but wonder. Even sitting prime minister (not for long) Malcolm Turnbull, attempted and failed miserably to support Joyce’s sinking political ship.

The mass media is having a field day as REAL scandals of this magnitude are rare, which again highlights Joyce’s utter STUPIDITY chasing his unprotected dick around like a novice teenager; indeed, the PREGNANCY clinches it, and dooms Joyce. Face it Malcolm, the sooner Joyce ‘quits’ the better chances for the party’s survival period.

The federal opposition, which never lets an opportunity pass without milking it for ALL its worth, is going for the jugular with multiple knives drawn -- it’s all but over for Joyce and if the mass media has any real investigative journalists this scandal could well make their careers. Now cadets, be truthful, dirty ‘with taste,’ compromising but FAIR, this one needs no embellishments but it could use a truckload of sordid background details. Wouldn’t you like to be the one that sinks a deputy PM with more sordid, compromising information?

As for Joyce, his retirement plan would suffice for a meager, inconspicuous life with his ‘true love’ whom his wife labelled a "homewrecker," (see link below) though probably a location other than Oz. If Joyce decides to stay, a cattle ranch in the desert may be an option, as no respectable company would hire a notorious philanderer -- think positive Barnaby, you pretend to know something about agri-business, now here’s your chance to prove it. Put that idiot show-hat to good use. I’m sure your new amour would just love becoming a hard working bush wife, LOL!


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