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The Big Unraveling
by justin Sunday, Feb 11 2018, 6:02pm
international / prose / post

Israel has effectively declared war on Syria with intrusions into its sovereign air space and the bombing of Syrian ground targets the Israelis seem to think threaten its existence as a stolen State. So bombs away and to hell with international LAW, which is the point the complicit, corporate western mass media is very careful to AVOID.

Itís not enough that Israeli vassal state America, openly and continually flouts international law, now the Israelis have joined the criminal fray. Putinís much praised air defences in Syria failed to react, obviously due to Putinís COWARDLY orders. Well, Vlad, what does it take to define an enemy attack that you have every legal right to counter -- you corrupt, cowardly, chicken-shit?

Notwithstanding Putinís inexplicable passive response, the primary issue is that belligerent nations have now taken the law into their own hands -- so much for the UN, Hague courts and numerous ignored international laws and conventions. The international entities supposed to enforce these laws are clearly corrupt, thereís no other explanation for continual war and other crimes against humanity perpetrated by the USA and Israel.

If the WORLD decides to allow these overt crimes to continue without accountability then clearly the crimes of belligerent States would only increase in frequency and horror/intensity.

When (not if) the USA deploys its mini-nukes, as it has fallen drastically behind other nations in weapons development, then do not complain as there were numerous years to hold the worldís leading civilian killing nation, America, to account. But its never too late for the civilised world to act, is it Vladimir and Xi?

Once, not too long in the past, competing superpowers would have been screaming and demanding justice over such overt illegalities, however, not so today, so expect the WORST to come, slumbering, apathetic, and thoroughly corrupt, WORLD.

There you have it, REAL news the partisan corporate media would never cover.

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