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by jude Monday, Feb 12 2018, 6:09am
international / poetry / post

the still whiteness deceives, its serenity harbours
explosive force

certain actions realise certain results
a potential avalanche at critical mass needs
very little to trigger the devastating fall
what we know is where it ends in the valley/lowland after
everything on the slopes has been impacted

the picturesque village at the bottom of the mountain
seems like an array of dollís houses

a wise sage once informed me that thoughts were things
as powerful, if not more so, than actions

a rifle-carrying fool knowing nothing of the danger
shoots at a wild sheep, the report rings through the valley and
echoes, locals dread the result

similar thoughts attract each other in the aether
and become a cumulative force seeking expression
they grow, fed constantly by menís minds

another harsh crack is heard but not from a rifle
the ice and snow near the top of the mountain
is released, in an instant the entire accumulated snow and ice
roars down the side of the mountain and buries the village
snapping the houses like so many matchsticks

it is not an accidental result, though the fool with the gun,
unaware, triggered the devastation

accumulated good and bad thoughts vie with each other
until one becomes stronger and overwhelms the other

how simple it is to think, speak and act for the good of all,
which ensures the good of the thinker

today however, there are too many Ďarmedí fools ready
to kill others and themselves ...

ĎWe donít like that kind of disposition, donít be so reckless,
put down your Ďguns.í

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