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Trump takes from the Poor and gives to the Rich
by jaxie Monday, Feb 12 2018, 7:03pm
international / prose / post

Is there any American that now doubts Trump’s true character? He is an elitist through and through who doesn’t give a damn for the suckers that voted for him, his budget spells it out in no uncertain terms.

Dumbarse Fat Cat, whose only real function is to serve the Elite
Dumbarse Fat Cat, whose only real function is to serve the Elite

After gifting the super rich with $1.5 trillion in tax cuts and then syphoning another $1.7 trillion to the military, leaving essential services the poorer, no-one with a functional brain could be in any doubt as to Trump’s true character. As for the people, ‘do your best suckers and thanks for believing my LIES.’

Clearly, the last thing the super rich need is more money but money is more addictive than heroin, so there’s NEVER enough, but the money must come from somewhere and it does, essential social services and national infrastructure development and maintenance.

Now consider how nations with a much lower national wealth index have developed weapons superior to that of the overkill, impractical 'bludgeons' the USA specialises in producing largely for the PROFIT of the weapons industries, which industries -- NO SURPRISE -- are more concerned with their bottom line than anything else; hence the continual blowout in ‘defence’ spending. These clearly parasitic industries require evermore government funds, notwithstanding that much poorer nations have overtaken America in strategic weapons development -- that’s where no regulation and unbridled corporate greed gets you -- FAILURE, in a word.

Furthermore, defence money routinely disappears down untraceable black holes. When Rumsfeld was Sec. of Defense he publicly announced that 2 Trillion dollars could not be unaccounted for, and we have no reason to believe things have improved since then. The defence industry is a junkie destroying the nation while much poorer nations overtake America simply by using and focusing on ingenuity and creative thought -- NOT thinking in parasitic terms of greed and profit.

Nevertheless, hapless, mind-numbed, easily duped Americans continue to vote for either the Democrats or Republicans when it is PAINFULLY obvious both major parties are owned by corporate elite interests. The dumber and more compliant politicians are, the more appealing to the real rulers of the USA and even dubya Bush was fractionally more aware than dunce Trump

The current system is CLEARLY broken and corrupt to the CORE, so why persist in playing its transparent, criminal game? There’s ALWAYS a million alternatives to being (mass media) led to choose between a vomit and a turd.

In fact all western nations today need to restore their governments to representative REAL democracies -- that is, MAJORITY, not minority elite rule -- as the only difference between western nations today is the degree of corruption at the top and the scale of elite, insider deal making -- plain to SEE.



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