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Barnaby Joyce, the flaming powder keg in the Liberal Ship
by cyd Monday, Feb 12 2018, 8:05pm
international / prose / post

Barnaby Joyce’s position is untenable regardless of which perspective you take, he MUST resign otherwise the entire party is doomed. However, in view of this searing reality, Turnbull, forever the short-term thinker and political opportunist, cannot let Joyce go as the government would lose its majority. And there lies the hapless conservatives, between a rock and a hard place, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. What better predicament for the lying, elite serving, unrepresentative conservatives to face.

Ha, ha, Har, ay!
Ha, ha, Har, ay!

So please Malcolm, do everything in your transparent power to retain Joyce, the flaming powder keg in the hold of your sinking political ship.

Compromise yourself trying to save him, as Joyce’s pathetic, infantile, gross failures will be the death of him, YOU and your PARTY if you do not force his resignation NOW and deal with the problem of a lost majority. Better now than later as later would destroy the party and force it into the political wilderness for quite some time. All those juicy pay packets, lurks and perks gone for perhaps a decade. Let the heads (plural) roll, Malcolm. Show AUSTRALIA how un-clever you REALLY are!

As for you Barnaby, you'll "emerge" from this will you? You are dreaming, your deplorable, immoral, infantile behaviour condemns you TOTALLY -- you have completely pissed on every moral and ideological conservative value that exists. If you truly believe you'll 'emerge' from this scandal you have PROVEN yet again that you are totally unfit to serve the Nationals and this nation in ANY capacity. Good riddance to very bad rubbish! But don't give up the ship Malcolm, even if it's about to blow up in your stupid, LYING face.

Barnaby Joyce is a lost cause, though the conservatives are notoriously slow learners and always avoid facing bitter realities. No doubt the opposition would prefer a slow, drawn-out kill. The smart approach for Labor is let the Libs compromise themselves trying to save Joyce, as there is no way out for idiot, beyond belief, Barnaby -- face it, Malcolm, Barnaby Joyce is a lost cause, any effort to assist Joyce would stain those trying to assist him. So please Malcolm and foolish others, do your damndest best.

Perhaps male Liberals should all ask their wives and female members of their party how they feel about Joyce's DESPICABLE behaviour. This is no time for an insular boy's club mentality, ask the women in your Party and they will inform directly how the married WOMEN and MOTHERS of Australia feel about Mr Barnaby Joyce.

Temporary PM Malcolm Turnbull, doh!
Temporary PM Malcolm Turnbull, doh!

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