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Barnaby Joyce “Comes out Swinging” according to The Australian Newspaper
by jane Tuesday, Feb 13 2018, 11:32pm
international / prose / post

Really, one could only wonder what Joyce is swinging besides the shit he is drowning in?

Joyce (left) with PM 'hopeless' Turnbull
Joyce (left) with PM 'hopeless' Turnbull

It seems that Nationals and Liberals have failed to appreciate that Australian WOMEN VOTE and while the female deputy leader of the Nationals, Bridget McKenzie, stated her “rolled gold” full support (traitor) for her besieged leader, she also acknowledged that Australian women would feel “unease” over Joyce’s despicable, indefensible behaviour. Unease indeed, perhaps we should also quote that “hell hath no fury ....”

It simply does not matter what Joyce does now, it’s over, he is a dead man walking, his death self inflicted.

Now the question is how Turnbull and objective thinking conservatives will react because it’s imperative that the Joyce issue is resolved very soon for the Party’s sake. Joyce is not only a blight on conservative values, he has offended every woman in Australia with his two-timing deplorable and disgusting antics, we expect MUCH better from our leaders and Joyce is clearly not fit to lead anything in the public or private sectors.

So what would you, Turnbull and fellow conservatives? If you imagine you have a choice you are all dreaming ‘boy’s club’ dreams, never has such a scandal of this magnitude been recorded anywhere in the western political world.

Joyce is a lost cause, plain to see.

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