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The Corporate Tax Cuts Produce More Jobs, MYTH
by darcy Wednesday, Feb 28 2018, 12:01am
international / prose / post

One of Australia’s big four banks, NAB, released its latest profit report -- the big banks own the game so they always win. The new published profit increase was immediately followed by the shedding of four to six thousand jobs, so much for increased monies producing jobs, and this behaviour applies to all large corporations, as is evident with a modicum of research.

Yet the hapless and thoroughly inept Australian prime minister, Malcolm ‘former banker’ Turnbull, continues to ignore REALITY and spout in parliament that large corporate tax cuts create jobs, well Mr Turnbull, tell that to the six thousand dumped workers at NAB, you divorced from reality, elite supporting, FAKE leader.

It has been published and reported internationally (in 2015) that the so-called ‘trickle down’ economic effect does not exist, it is a myth, as the corporations greedily retain all monies for their specific purposes and generate few, if any jobs after receiving HUGE tax breaks and benefits from puppet, corporate-serving governments.

Now note that everything written above is absolute fact, as anyone could independently research and prove for themselves, notwithstanding that the Australian people have known for some time that corporate tax benefits do NOT create jobs or benefit the majority of Australians; jobs are created by small and medium businesses by enterprising CITIZENS, large corporations hog ALL monies and benefits they receive, verifiable FACT!

Now what does it take to turn a corporate lackey prime minister to REALITY? Only today he continues to spout utter lies in parliament, that is, that ‘trickle down economics’ actually works, though literature published by international experts comprehensively refutes this corporate myth.

The Australian people have seen no real benefits in their circumstances from huge corporate tax breaks, subsequently they are not fooled by the PM’s diatribes any longer. However, PM Turnbull has nowhere to go, he is trapped in the corporate deceptive discourse, any opposition politicians could have ended his divorced from reality remarks, by simply saying, PROVE IT, to the PM, as no real proof to support his absurd claims is available but plenty of proof to the contrary exists.

The Australian people must now face the fact that the PM and his conservative party DO NOT represent the people or nation, they represent a minority corporate elite and never depart from the fake corporate discourse regardless of all the evidence refuting these now transparent claims. It would seem that the conservative party and its leader must either change their snake oil sales pitch or face reality, of course the former option would be the course they take as conservative politicians are clearly averse to reality, as the recent scandal of the former deputy PM indicates, the fool refused to accept the reality created by his adolescent actions regarding betraying conservative family values by impregnating a former young female staffer; though after two very long weeks of his childish denial, he was forced to resign, but not after severely damaging the brand of the conservatives. Yet the prime minister remains in denial regarding corporate tax cuts and other benefits to banks and corporations, Australians must accpet that conservatives live in an alternate reality, which fantasy land is sparsely populated.

Now, the immediate response would be to permanently vote conservatives out of office, as clearly they do not represent the people/nation. Indeed, that is the appropriate response but not the SOLUTION to the problem, as then the other major corporate-owned party, Labor, would take government and more of the same would occur, though with a different approach -- never forget, servants always serve and are beholden to their masters.

Until such time as a real independent people’s party forms or is revived in Australia, the corporate elite have the game sewn up. A one stable two horse race has been the status quo for decades.

Failing political reform from within, the people have the option to FORCE reform from without, by making CLEAR demands -- not buying into fake choices -- and electing those persons that would represent the interests of the people, which historically create and sustain nations/jobs, not a bunch of cheating corporate executives which need to learn who actually creates their profits.

The prerogative is and has always been in the hands of the MAJORITY to install any government they choose and failing the option of a credible people’s government then to fill the upper and lower houses of parliament with real independents which would force major parties to comply with the wishes and interests of the MAJORITY of Australians.

It makes very good sense indeed to vote for REAL representation, which political representatives would NEVER issue from either major party.

Australians are not ignorant uninformed Americans easily taken by overt lies and simplistic slogans, we are socially aware, better educated and therefore KNOW better. We need only translate this awareness into Reality. Flood both houses with REAL independent representatives owned by no vested corporate interests and return to the great Australian ethic of a fair go for all, not just a bunch of useless, callous, lying, insular corporate executives, whose huge wages are far from performance based.

All the resources and natural wealth of this nation is legally owned by the people, now ask yourself, how much of this nation’s wealth do YOU actually see and benefit from? The wealth derived from this nation MUST be shared equitably according to traditional AUSTRALIAN VALUES -- that simple.

Now act in your own and the nation’s BEST interests at every election in the land until fairness and justice are restored. WE own the place, NOT parasitic banks and corporations.

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